A1 Trailer & Container

Storage containers and trailers can provide businesses with much needed space to securely store product, building material, and anything else that needs to be kept safe. A-1 Trailer & Container specializes in serving the Baltimore area with trailers and containers that may be rented or leased.

When you contact us, we will help determine the size of the container you require, and then schedule a time for delivery of the container.

A trailer or container is an excellent storage option, and we make sure they are kept in serviceable shape. The trailers and containers are easy to secure, and you can store virtually anything inside.

In addition to storage containers and trailers, we also offer local cartage/road trailers for rent or lease at great rates. With over 600 trailers in our pool we are certain we have one to meet your needs.

Our pickup and drop-off service means you save valuable project time. All you have to do is contact us once the project is over and we’ll take care of the rest.

Our prices for rentals and leases are competitive, and when you add in the quality of the equipment you receive, it is easy to see why our first time clients become dedicated customers. Our drivers will make sure the container is placed exactly where you want, and secure it before leaving.

For a safe, secure storage solution that will not take up valuable space once your project is over, contact A-1 Trailer and Container at 443-673-3365.