Container Sales

Does your construction site or warehouse need containers to transport goods across different modes of transport (ships, trains, trucks)? Get started with Evan Transportation in Baltimore, MD! Whether you need warehousing storage or building relocation, we provide space to store equipment, inventory, documents, or other business-related materials. Call Evan Transportation today at 443-673-3365 or electronically fill out and submit this form!

Areas We Service

When you add in the quality of the equipment you receive, it’s easy to learn why our first-time clients become loyal customers! Evan Transportation is a full-service transportation and equipment provider proudly serving construction sites, warehouses, manufacturers, and more in and around the following locations:

  • Maryland
  • Virginia
  • West Virginia
  • Delaware
  • Pennsylvania
  • New Jersey

Advantages of Container Sales for Commercial Sites

Durability and Security

One of the most prevalent applications for shipping containers at construction sites is offering a safe and secure storage location for tools, equipment, and supplies. Theft is a problem and a liability for many construction sites, which have valuable items like lumber, machinery, and more.

Weather Protection

For an outdoor construction site, the weather can throw a wrench into many plans and cause substantial delays. Rain, storms, snow, and even humidity can trigger work headaches for construction companies and cost money. Since containers are made from high-grade steel, they are designed to withstand harsh conditions and with strong locking mechanisms. With a shipping container on site, construction businesses can rest assured their supplies and equipment are protected from the weather, dust, and debris.

Quick Setup

Shipping or storage containers require minimal setup time compared to building a warehouse from scratch. They can also be easily repurposed, transported, or stacked for space optimization.

Excellent Organization

A construction site can be chaotic since workers scramble to get the job done immediately. Keeping an organized site is critical to time efficiency, which is where a shipping container may be useful. One advantage a container can provide for construction sites is that it may organize tools and equipment. Unneeded machinery and equipment may be stored away in a container nearby where they can be used when necessary.

Versatile Space

A shipping container is a superb asset as a storage location on a construction site, but it can also do much more. Construction businesses can use shipping containers for several things on-site, including wash areas, changing rooms, inventory management, mobile offices, etc.

Applications in Various Industries

  • Shipping containers are ideal for temporary overflow or seasonal stock increases
  • Containers can be utilized as a permanent storage solution for different industries
  • Use containers to store temperature-sensitive goods, hazardous materials, or high-value items

Evan Transportation: Your Go-To Experts in Container Sales

Whatever a construction site or warehouse might need for the job, a storage container can assist get the job done. We have a reputation for delivering reliable trucking services within the Mid-Atlantic region, including Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, Delaware, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. Questions about our other services? Call now at 443-673-3365 or by completing and submitting our online form.