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How the Key Bridge Collapse Affects Shipping

Friday, March 29th, 2024
Map of Washington DC

How is the Key Bridge collapse affecting trucking and shipping? We take a look here.

The Francis Scott Key Bridge, the outermost bridge of the Baltimore Harbor into the Patapsco River from the Chesapeake Bay, had stood for nearly 50 years, having opened to the public in 1977. As part of the daily commute for thousands of Baltimore and nearby residents, it has a massive impact not only on the local area but also on the nation and international economy. This is just a brief look at how the Key Bridge collapse affects shipping, in particular.


What Is a Reefer Container?

Wednesday, March 20th, 2024
three white containers under blue sky

Does your company need to hire some reefers?

You might have heard the term “reefer” thrown around here and there but aren’t really familiar with what it is. No, it has nothing to do with a reef or the ocean or sandals. “Reefer” is actually a slang word for marijuana, but it is also a type of truck or trailer in the trucking world. Below, we’ll show you what a reefer container is, types of reefers, and how they benefit various industries. If you need trucking services in the Mid-Atlantic region, Evan Transportation is happy to help you out.


The Pros of Truck Shipping

Thursday, March 14th, 2024
red truck with white trailer under blue sky on desert road

Truck shipping is used for a reason! Actually, for several reasons!

Truck shipping is one of the most prominent ways to deliver goods between states, regions, and countries. Trucks do the heavy lifting behind the scenes to get products on store shelves and to your front doorstep. If all trucking stopped, the country would be in trouble. Why is this transportation method used, though? What are the pros of truck shipping?


Why It’s Best to Use Trucks for the Delivery of Hazardous Materials

Friday, March 8th, 2024
evan transportation delivery of hazardous materials

Make delivery of hazardous materials easier with freight trucks.

In the complex world of logistics, the safe and efficient transportation of goods is crucial. When it comes to delivering hazardous materials, the choice of transport mode becomes even more critical. While various options exist, freight trucking is the optimal solution for ensuring the secure and reliable transport of hazardous materials. At Evan Transportation, we have extensive experience managing the transportation of numerous materials with our high-quality fleet of trucks. In this blog post, we’ll explore the reasons why trucks stand out as the preferred choice for handling sensitive shipments. (more…)

Key Pointers for Hiring a Trucking Company

Friday, March 1st, 2024
evan transportation trucking company

Consider these factors as you find your ideal trucking company.

Many different industries rely on trucks as their freight choice to ship many significant products. Furniture, liquids, groceries, construction supplies, medical supplies, and waste arrive at their destinations and customers through trucks. As a supplier, you must know how imperative it is to locate the best transportation service for your cargo. This article provides helpful pointers on hiring a trucking company. (more…)