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Dealing with Traffic Tickets as a Truck Driver

Thursday, July 29th, 2021
evan transportation

Sadly, even the most experienced truck drivers are not immune to traffic violations.

Every truck driver is human like everyone else, and we all make the occasional mistake. And just because you are a truck driver does not mean you are immune to the dreaded traffic ticket. Unfortunately, since driving is your profession, traffic violations affect you more than most people. But, they also affect the company you work for. The best action to take is the know and follow the local rules of the road to the best of your ability, trying the best you can to abide by all speed limits and lane restrictions. But if a mistake does happen, here’s what you can do to retain your integrity as a truck driver. (more…)

Preparing Yourself for Storage Container Delivery Day

Friday, July 23rd, 2021
evan transportation shipping container

Shipping container delivery can be complicated and requires quite a bit of room.

So the day of your storage container’s arrival is closing in. Storage containers, especially intermodal, are very large, and as a result, require quite a bit of preparation to accept. If you’ve never had to accept a shipping container before, you might be unprepared for what to expect. But there is no need to fear because this blog has you covered! Read on to learn about how to accept your storage container delivery with ease. (more…)

How Transportation Services Aid in Supply Chain Management

Thursday, July 15th, 2021
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The American economy as we know it would not exist without transportation services!

When it comes to maintaining a proper supply chain, transportation services are absolutely essential. After all, without transportation services, the goods would be stuck in one place forever! Expecting clients and customers to come to your factory or processing facility to pick up their items is just not realistic, so transportation plays a key role in maintaining any business’s supply chain. But have you ever wanted to know more as to why beyond the simple point A to the point B side of transportation services? Read this to find out more reasons why transportation services are the backbone of any industry and the entirety of the economy itself! (more…)

The Four Basics of Commercial Truck Driving

Thursday, July 8th, 2021
evan transportation commercial truck driving

Commercial truck driving is a rewarding career path that takes you all sorts of places.

Commercial truck driving provides the backbone of American industry, and year after year it is a profession that many people love and take pride in. Commercial truck driving is both a profession and a way of life.  If you’ve been dreaming of a career as a professional trucker, now is a great time to learn more. Here are the four most common questions about commercial truck driving and their answers. (more…)

How to Maintain a Clean Trucking Rig

Thursday, July 1st, 2021
evan transportation trucking rig

Keeping your trucking rig clean is easy and not very expensive either.

Over the past year and a half, it’s become more clear than ever that staying as hygienic and clean as possible is very important to keep ourselves and others safe. And since many truck drivers spend so much time inside their trucking rig, it might be overlooked for a good deep clean. Although truck drivers don’t come in contact with a whole lot of people during their journey, they still travel across long distances, stopping at rest stops, restaurants, and logistics carrier stops along the way. Fortunately, cleaning a trucking rig is not too difficult. Whether your trucking rig needs a total sanitization or just a quick wipedown, this blog’s got you covered on how to keep your truck clean.  (more…)