Dealing with Traffic Tickets as a Truck Driver

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Sadly, even the most experienced truck drivers are not immune to traffic violations.

Every truck driver is human like everyone else, and we all make the occasional mistake. And just because you are a truck driver does not mean you are immune to the dreaded traffic ticket. Unfortunately, since driving is your profession, traffic violations affect you more than most people. But, they also affect the company you work for. The best action to take is the know and follow the local rules of the road to the best of your ability, trying the best you can to abide by all speed limits and lane restrictions. But if a mistake does happen, here’s what you can do to retain your integrity as a truck driver.

Impact on Career

For most people, the impact of a driving citation is more annoying due to the financial loss and tiny addition to their driving record. However, for a truck driver, the implications are much more severe. As someone with a CDL certificate, you are expected to know the rules of driving a commercial vehicle backward and forward to keep everyone else on the road safe. But sometimes, different states have varying regulations regarding truck driver safety precautions, leading to an increased risk of unintentional rule-breaking. Unfortunately, any documented violation can tarnish your trucking employer or fleet’s safety reputation, as well as risk your employment with them, so it’s best to avoid them at all costs. 


There is a system known as the Safety Measurement System (SMS) that is used to calculate a trucking fleet’s overall performance in regard to safety and road traffic. The lower the score, the better. One way to rack up the score is via speeding tickets. When a truck driver is caught going over the speed limit, a minimum of four points is added to the score, ranging all the way up to ten depending on the severity. Each individual truck driver can directly add to this number, so make sure to stay at or below the speed limit while shipping or carrying your cargo.

What to Do

If you are caught with a traffic violation, the best action to take is to report it immediately to your fleet director or employer. Make sure to be transparent and upfront about the situation. If you withhold any information, that will seriously smear your reputation as a truck driver even further. Maintaining clear communication with your employer is an extremely valuable skill to have as a truck driver in the eyes of any employer. 

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