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Trucking Basics: What to Expect at Weigh Stations

Wednesday, March 23rd, 2016
Weigh stations

Weigh station ahead! What’re you going to do?

So you’re cruisin’ down the highway on your first trip as a long haul freight trucker. Things are smooth sailing — you’ve added some personal touches to your cabin, your spring truck cleaning went off without a hitch, and you even made it through a couple of construction zones safely already. But what’s that sign in the distance? A weigh station is coming up and you forgot everything you learned in your trucking class? Good thing you found this blog post! (more…)

Customizing Your Freight Truck Interior to Make It Feel Like Home

Wednesday, March 16th, 2016
freight truck interior

Take home on the road by customizing your freight truck interior to your liking.

As a freight trucker, it can feel like you spend more than half your life in your truck. With nothing but your own thoughts and the voices on the radio to keep you company, that time on the road can get pretty tedious. Since you spend all that time in there, why not customize your freight truck interior to make it feel more comfortable and home-y? Here are some ideas to make your life on the road a little more comfy. (more…)

Safe Driving in Construction Zones

Wednesday, March 9th, 2016
safe driving construction zone

Learn to read this sign as: “Be extra, extra careful ahead”

While your commute may include driving by a construction zone daily, few drivers take the time to really consider the seriousness of safe driving in construction zones. In 2013, 32,719 people were killed in car crashes. Safe driving is critical anytime you are on the road, but you need to be extra cautious when driving through a construction area. Here’s a few tips for staying safe when driving past a construction zone.   (more…)

Freight Truck Spring Cleaning Tips

Wednesday, March 2nd, 2016
freight truck spring cleaning

Be proud of the way your truck looks after giving it a thorough spring cleaning.

We made it to March! That means that, despite the fact there are snowflakes in the forecast later this week (who let that happen?!), spring is slowly but surely headed our way! You know what that means? You guessed it — it’s time for spring cleaning! Spring cleaning is a great excuse to really give your truck cabin the deep cleaning it’s been craving all winter. Here are some tips for freight truck spring cleaning to revitalize your home away from home. (more…)