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Best Types Of Freight For A Newbie To Haul

Friday, January 27th, 2017
newbie frieght hauling

New year, new freights to haul.

When you are new to any career, it’s only natural to have some rookie jitters. After all, a career that’s as complex, diverse, and dangerous as trucking has a lot more involved than people think, and no one could pick up on all of it perfectly in a day. However, when it comes to freight trucks, there are some that are more friendly for newbies to haul than others. Check some of the novice-friendly freight trucks below. (more…)

What To Do When Your Wheels Skid

Monday, January 23rd, 2017
Trucking wheels skid

Wheels are more likely to skid in poor, winter conditions.

During CDL training new truckers learn not only how to operate trucks under usual safe conditions, but poor ones as well. These include snow, sleet, rain, and other inclement weather conditions which can cause your wheels to skid. Skidding occurs when your vehicle wheels lose their grip on the road. This can happen for many reasons, such as the aforementioned poor road conditions and also improper vehicle handling. Learning how to regain control of a truck when you start to skid is incredibly important for any driver. It can not only save your life but the lives of others on the road. To learn lifesaving skid control and recovery tips, read on. (more…)

Best Ways to Pass Time While on Long Hauls

Friday, January 13th, 2017
Passing Time on the Long Haul

It can be hard passing time on the road as a truck driver. Here are some ideas to consider!

Other than getting to your destination and surviving all of the traffic, road closures, and headaches along the way, finding ways to pass the time on long hauls can be the most difficult part. Limits to driving hours serve to keep you safe and well rested, but some days they seem like ways to make you bored! Here are some of the many different things you can do to pass the time while on long hauls. (more…)

The Best Trucking Apps for Your New Smartphone Device

Friday, January 6th, 2017
Trucking apps

Make the most of your new smart device!

Did you get a new smartphone device over the holidays? Whether you’re a seasoned pro with your smartphone or a beginner looking to figure out the best way to use it on the road, here are some of the best trucking apps for you. These trucking apps can help with everything from finding shortcuts to making your life a little easier! (more…)