Best Types Of Freight For A Newbie To Haul

newbie frieght hauling

New year, new freights to haul.

When you are new to any career, it’s only natural to have some rookie jitters. After all, a career that’s as complex, diverse, and dangerous as trucking has a lot more involved than people think, and no one could pick up on all of it perfectly in a day. However, when it comes to freight trucks, there are some that are more friendly for newbies to haul than others. Check some of the novice-friendly freight trucks below.

Dry Van and Refrigerated Freight

Most rookies start out with this type of truck and haul because they are the most common kind of available freight and do not require an extensive amount of specialized training. The require largely the same skill level and the amount of care. This is a great place to start as it is a low-stress entry point where you can get your feet wet. In most cases, it also requires little to no physical effort from the drivers themselves. They offer similar pay.


Like dry van and refrigerated carriers, there are a number of flatbed companies that either train students for their CDL or will hire people straight out of truck driving school. While you can start out in flatbed, this may not be a good place to get started when it comes to driving trucks. While it is not impossible by any means, this type of haul is a slightly higher risk and has a steeper learning curve. The physical demands of this job can be far more intense than a dry van or refrigerated freight, but most flatbed companies are only open weekdays and the pay is a little bit more. This means you would get weekends off and make a little more money.

Dry Bulk Tanker

This type of freight haul generally includes flour, sand, and sugar. As these do not slosh around, this is a relatively safe type of trucking. However, dry bulk requires more physical work from drivers, as they are generally responsible for the offloading process. These jobs, however, are not as readily available as other types of trucking jobs, but definitely worth seeking out.


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