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Significant Truck Driving Safety Tips For New Years Eve

Thursday, December 30th, 2021
Significant Truck Driving Safety Tips For New Years Eve Evan Transportation

Being alert and avoiding driving while tired can be the best safety measure you take as a truck driver in your career.

New Year’s Eve is just around the corner — and being careful on the roads becomes increasingly important this time of year. Truck drivers are the most common drivers in the streets on New Year’s Eve — along with others who have been out partying it up and staying up later than usual. The reality is, safety becomes a cause for concern for truck drivers this time of year, and practicing safety becomes vital for any truck driver. Ultimately, here are some tips that you can take to ensure you drive this New Year’s Eve safely to avoid any dangerous driving scenarios. Continue reading!


Must-Have Winter Essentials For Truck Drivers

Friday, December 17th, 2021
Must-Have Winter Essentials For Truck Drivers Evan Transportation

Consider bringing waterproof boots in an emergency and the right heavy-duty socks to go with them.

While trucking during the winter may not be the ideal time, it does require plenty of additional thinking. Between the challenging weather, cold, safety conditions, and time crunches all around, the season can be difficult for truck drivers. With all there is to think about, it’s essential that you feel about yourself, too. That’s why it’s necessary to pack your truck with all the winter essentials you’ll need. What winter essentials do we recommend for truck drivers? Let’s break down our list to help you be as comfortable and safe on the road as possible!


How Truckers Can Enjoy Holidays On The Road

Friday, December 10th, 2021
How Can Truckers Enjoy Holidays on the Road

You rather enjoy your holidays later than fail to attend family functions you had promised to be present.

Holidays are exciting moments mostly shared with family, loved ones, and friends. It means creating magical moments and connections that remain memorable over the years. Truckers barely get home for a holiday; they must stay on the road and fulfill their obligations.

It can be a lonely and stressful holiday spent far away from home. Therefore, you should be equipped with tips on how to enjoy your holiday while still on the road. So, below are some tips on how truckers can enjoy their holiday!


Top 7 Winter Truck Driving Tips

Friday, December 3rd, 2021
Top 7 Winter Truck Driving Evan Transportation Tips

Also, hard acceleration and sudden braking reduce traction, thus causing your truck to lose control.

Winter truck driving can be challenging due to the icy roads (trucks lose traction) and the poor visibility. Even the most skilled truck drivers find it challenging to maneuver on icy roads. 

Therefore, every truck driver should practice the following safety tips to protect themselves and the other road users.