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How Truckers Can Stay Safe on Roundabouts

Thursday, May 27th, 2021
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Roundabouts may be stressful for some truckers, but it’s not the end of the world!

Although they’ve been used for decades in other countries such as England, Australia, and France, roundabouts are a relatively new introduction to American highways. Many years ago, there were a few roundabouts scattered here and there across the landscape, but you could probably count how many you’d encounter as cross-country truckers. Now, due to their more ergonomic approach to traffic control as opposed to traditional stoplight systems, more and more truckers are having to deal with roundabouts all over the place. While a roundabout may not seem like a big deal to someone in a small car, many truck drivers know that it can be much more difficult to navigate when driving a semi-truck with a large trailer. Being safe at a roundabout isn’t impossible for trucking. However, it just takes a bit of effort from the trucker’s side. Here’s how truckers can remain safe and use roundabouts with ease across America.  (more…)

How Truckers Can Handle Both Sides of Road Rage

Friday, December 4th, 2020
How Truckers Can Handle Both Sides of Road Rage

Truckers can keep a few things in mind if they ever start to feel mounting frustration or sense hostility from other drivers to overcome road rage before it gets worse.

Any driver who has been on the road for any amount of time can tell you that road rage is a very real thing. Truckers can sometimes find themselves in a position where they are angry at other drivers, or they are receiving that negativity from others. Either way, these can turn into dangerous situations that need to be diffused by keeping those emotions in check. Truckers can keep a few things in mind if they ever start to feel mounting frustration or sense hostility from other drivers to overcome road rage before it gets worse. (more…)

Truck Drivers: Be Aware of These Critical Health Issues

Friday, May 1st, 2020
Truck Drivers: Be Aware of These Critical Health Issues

The nature of truck drivers’ work can contribute to adverse health conditions and issues.

Truck drivers, you know a career composed of trucking, long-hauls, and deliveries isn’t the easiest or safest occupation. Apart from the risk of road-related accidents, the nature of the work can contribute to adverse health conditions and issues. Fulfilling your work duties means long sedentary days driving stretches of highway while eating quick and easy but not the most nutrition-rich foods. Of course, not all truck drivers’ lives are like this, and individual genetics, as well as other factors, can play a huge role in your health. However, these are a few of the common and critical health issues that many truck drivers face today due to the job. (more…)

5 Reasons Why Truck Driving School Can Be Worth It

Wednesday, August 14th, 2019
Truck Driving

Is truck driving school worth it for you? Find out what some of the big benefits may be of getting your trucking education.

When it comes time to make a change in your life, the decision can be a stressful one, especially when that decision has long-term consequences impacting your future. Deciding on an educational path that leads to a career, while a stressful decision, is often a good one if the career is solid. Many people who consider getting a CDL to become a truck driver worry that it is not a good career choice. The truth is that going to truck driving school and obtaining a CDL is a good choice and provides many benefits. 


4 Mountain Driving Tips All Truckers Should Know

Friday, July 19th, 2019
Check out these four essential mountain driving tips that all truckers should know.

Check out these four essential mountain driving tips that all truckers should know.

Mountain driving can be challenging for truck drivers, especially for rookies who have never experienced it before. It is crucial to know all about the basic safety rules before attempting mountain driving to remain as safe as possible. Continue reading for a few critical mountain driving tips that all truckers should know! (more…)

4 Tips To Help Truckers Stay Alert And Awake

Friday, June 28th, 2019
 Check out these four tips to help truckers stay alert and awake on a long haul.

Check out these four tips to help truckers stay alert and awake on a long haul.

Truck drivers often have erratic sleep schedules, and long days behind the wheel can be very tiring. While everyone has a cup of coffee in the morning, it’s important to not rely on too much caffeine during the day to stay awake! Continue reading for a few tips on how truckers can stay alert for longer without caffeine or other stimulants. (more…)

Why Truckers Need To Stop At Weigh Stations

Thursday, November 29th, 2018
overweight fines

Learn why truckers need to stop at weigh stations.

Everyone on the road has seen signs for weigh stations, often signaling for truckers to stop when the lights are flashing. Stopping at a weigh station is required for trucks, as it is a stop where the Department of Transportation (DOT) inspects the weight of a vehicle to ensure truckers are traveling with a safe load. In addition to following weight regulations, there are many more reasons why commercial trucks should always be weighed. (more…)

How Truckers Can Beat the Summer Traffic

Monday, April 17th, 2017
Busy Road

When the weather warms up, expect many more vehicles on the road.

Summertime is the season for travelers- throughout the scorching summer days families and friends pack up and migrate toward the coasts, toward theme parks and to other vacation areas for a little rest and relaxation. The average commuter understands the struggle of the inconsistency and high volume of traffic during the summer but what about a trucker whose job it is to drive? It’s hard not to get lethargic or weary when the summer sun comes beating down and the traffic comes with it but there are some smart ways to beat the heat and make the bumper to bumper more bearable. (more…)

Bad Habits for Truckers to Break

Friday, July 31st, 2015



It’s human nature to have bad habits. While some of us chew with our mouths open, others bite our nails when we get nervous. While many of these bad habits seem harmless, they can become dangerous depending on your occupation. For truck drivers, bad habits can create a life or death scenario once out on the road. With such heavy shipments and large trucks to operate, it is imperative that truck drivers avoid or break their bad habits before they set out on the road.

So what bad habits should truck drivers stop or avoid?


First Quarter Truck Cargo Theft Numbers

Thursday, May 15th, 2014

Truck cargo theft at truck stopsAfter conducting a survey for the first quarter of 2014, FreightWatch International, a logistics security services provider, the grand total of thefts involving cargo from trucks is at a total of 206. Reviewing the report further shows that there was a 4.9% decrease in volume stolen but a 38.5% increase in loss value. The company continued on to say that these numbers illustrate that organized cargo criminals are becoming more sophisticated and more persistent. 21% of all incidents were heists involving food and drinks, making these products the top targeted products of crime. Second place targets were products with home and garden. These products usually consisted of home décor and furniture along with some appliances. Electronics came in as the third targeted product with televisions and computers being stolen most often. The average loss value totaled $207,982, while the value of specific products varied.

The top 5 states of truck cargo theft are as follows:

  1. California
  2. Florida
  3. Georgia
  4. Texas
  5. Illinois

The total thefts from the top five states resulted in 76% of all thefts across the country. The top location for thefts to take place was unsecured parking lots such as truck stops; about 122 thefts took place this first quarter. The second locations for thefts were centers for distribution or warehouses and secured parking lots followed in third.

At Evan Transportation, we consider our employees’ safety just as important as getting the job done. When you use Evan Transportation to ship your cargo, you can be certain that your product is in safe hands while our staff safety is never compromised. Most of our staff is made up of trucker and transportation industry veterans, so your cargo will be handled by people who not only know the job, but respect it. Founder Jerry Wolfarth had accumulated over 25 years of trucking and transportation experience before starting our company in 1992. We service the Mid-Atlantic region with reliable, safe, and on time delivery. For a full list of states we service, click here. We offer same day pick up and delivery for both local and regional deliveries. We provide the transportation of the following cargo:

  1. Food/Drink
  2. Lumber
  3. General Freight
  4. Paper/Paper Products
  5. Steel
  6. Retail

To hire Evan Transportation to meet your transportation needs, call us at (443)-673-3365 or fill out our online form here. Find us today on Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.