4 Mountain Driving Tips All Truckers Should Know

Check out these four essential mountain driving tips that all truckers should know.

Check out these four essential mountain driving tips that all truckers should know.

Mountain driving can be challenging for truck drivers, especially for rookies who have never experienced it before. It is crucial to know all about the basic safety rules before attempting mountain driving to remain as safe as possible. Continue reading for a few critical mountain driving tips that all truckers should know!

Pay Attention To Your Grade

If you are not familiar with the grade, you should never guess at the % of the grade when you are at the top of a hill ready to descend. Keep an eye out for the grade signs posted, as they should be marked along the mountain and will give you a better idea of what speed you should maintain during the climb and descent. 

Slow and Steady

Remember that traveling up and down a hill is not something that should be rushed- take your time to travel as slowly and carefully as you need to ensure you make it safely. Some truckers make the mistake of picking up speed as they near the bottom of the hill, but there can be unexpected dangers ahead, such as a patch of ice or a curve in the road. Keep in mind the old saying “slow and steady wins the race” and take your time!

No Tailgating

Truckers should always leave plenty of room between their truck and another vehicle, but it is especially important to leave as much space as possible while on a hill. You never know when the car in front of you will hit their brakes or lose control of their vehicle, and you want to have plenty of space to adjust to avoid an accident.

Watch The Weather

Truckers should always pay close attention to the weather reports, especially when running mountain routes. Mountain weather is known to be unpredictable, so be sure to check it consistently on the day of your route. If the chain signs are posted, respect the signs and chain at the bottom of the hill. If the hill is icy, it’s better to stay safe and avoid it altogether until the sanders are out and the chain signs are down.

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