Tips For Driving In Dangerous Weather Conditions This Winter

Check out these tips for driving in dangerous weather conditions this winter.

Check out these tips for driving in dangerous weather conditions this winter.

Every season presents its own set of challenges for truckers, and as we enter the winter season, it’s important for truck drivers to be ready for dangerous conditions. With freezing temperatures, snow, and ice, truck drivers must be prepared to handle any harsh weather they may face. Continue reading for a few essential tips for driving in dangerous conditions this winter.

Remove Snow From Truck Before Driving

Everyone should remove snow and ice from their cars before driving, but sometimes, people are in too much of a rush. Even if you are behind schedule, it’s crucial to clear snow and ice from your truck’s windows, mirrors, and lights before getting on the road. Large pieces of snow can easily slide off of your truck and onto or in front of other vehicles and cause an accident. No matter the situation, it’s always worth it to ensure your truck is safe to avoid endangering others on the road.

Slippery Bridge Decks

You may have seen signs for “slippery bridge decks” on your hauls in the winter, but do you know what they really mean? Essentially, bridges are more susceptible to the elements and temperature than roads and freeze easier. Keep this in mind while driving in the winter, even when it is not snowing or you don’t see any ice on the road. Practice safety first and slow down when approaching a bridge, and drive carefully over the top, leaving plenty of distance between your truck and other vehicles.

Leave More Room

Speaking of leaving distance between you and other vehicles on the road, this is good practice during the entire winter season. Between slippery snow and black ice, driving conditions can get extremely dangerous in a short period of time. Look further ahead in traffic than you normally do to watch for cars that may be swerving or sliding, and be sure to leave extra room for stopping. Icy roads make it very difficult to control large vehicles, so they more room you have from other vehicles, the better.

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