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Trucking Industry on the Rise

Friday, May 29th, 2015

Trucking-Industry-RiseThe United States’ economy is making a comeback and bringing the trucking industry with it. As the economy of America as whole along with local economies improve, they naturally rely more heavily on a variety of trucking companies for importing and exporting goods.

In 2014 the trucking industry generated a record-breaking $700.4 billion in revenue. Prior to 2014 the U.S. trucking industry’s revenue had never exceeded $700 billion.

Although you may not realize just how significant the trucking industry is in America, it is an ever-present piece of our economy and society. With the help of many a trucking company, the United States is able to have the invaluable ability to connect every town and city across the country with one another. This, in turn, tangles different local economies together to create one united American economy.


Maintaining your Freight Truck

Friday, May 22nd, 2015


Maintaining a freight truck is essential in being successful in the trucking industry. Without a properly functioning vehicle, truck drivers will be unable to successfully deliver their shipments on time because of breakdowns. In order to keep your truck functioning at its best ability, consider these truck maintenance tips.


Choosing your Freight Truck

Sunday, May 17th, 2015

When it comes to choosing the proper freight truck for your shipment, the decision can be a hard one. Not only do some not realize the options they have when choosing a freight truck, they also don’t understand which freight truck is best for their needs. Instead of simply choosing the first freight truck that you  find, be sure to do your homework on your options.

By learning about your freight truck, you are ensuring a safe and successful shipment of your materials.


Potential Toll Reduction for Maryland

Friday, May 8th, 2015

maryland-toll-reductionDrivers of Maryland received good news about toll reduction this week. Governor Larry Hogan announced that there would be a toll reduction that would reach across the state. The toll reduction is estimated to save Maryland drivers about $54 million a year. Drivers who use cash to pay the tolls will experience a thirty percent saving while E-ZPass drivers will see at least a fifty percent savings. Maryland drivers haven’t seen tolls this low since 1975.The toll reduction is assumed to benefit at least 2 million drivers each year. It is estimated currently that residents of Maryland spend about $4,600 on tolls each year.