Potential Toll Reduction for Maryland

maryland-toll-reductionDrivers of Maryland received good news about toll reduction this week. Governor Larry Hogan announced that there would be a toll reduction that would reach across the state. The toll reduction is estimated to save Maryland drivers about $54 million a year. Drivers who use cash to pay the tolls will experience a thirty percent saving while E-ZPass drivers will see at least a fifty percent savings. Maryland drivers haven’t seen tolls this low since 1975.The toll reduction is assumed to benefit at least 2 million drivers each year. It is estimated currently that residents of Maryland spend about $4,600 on tolls each year.

So what can Maryland drivers expect once July 1st hits?

  • Those who have an E-ZPass will find their monthly fee of $1.50 eliminated.
  • The Bay Bridge will see a toll reduction from $6 to $4 for two-axel and the Commuter rate reduction from $2.10 to $1.40. Those who use an E-ZPass will see a decrease in toll price from $5.40 to $2.50.
  • E-ZPass holders will see a 25% reduction at the tolls for the tunnels of Fort McHenry and Baltimore Harbor as well as the Thomas J. Hatem Memorial Bridge, Francis Scott Key Bridge, John F. Kennedy Memorial Highway and Governor Harry W. Nice Memorial Bridge.
  • A 30% reduction at the Hatem Bridge for vehicles with both three and four axels using E-ZPass.


These reductions are part of the plan of Larry Hogan to help the residents of the state of Maryland. While the commute on I-95 has become difficult due to construction, the toll reduction should help to make the commute a little easier.

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