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Congestion and Construction for I-95

Thursday, March 26th, 2015


Trucking companies that rely on I-95 to reach their destinations will need to consider alternative routes for the larger portion of this year. Beginning this Sunday, March 29th, construction will resume on a 4.4 mile area of I-95 to complete a two year project.The I-95 project of $60 million is expected to bring large traffic jams and numerous headaches for local commuters during high activity hours.


The Latest on CSA Scores

Monday, March 23rd, 2015



During this past week, a bill was introduced to the House of Representatives to help pull CSA scores from being viewed by the public. The bill has also included the need to improve the CSA program and changing it to become more helpful for law enforcement. The trucking industry as a whole has come together in a more unified front to oppose the current CSA scores and the algorithm used to generate the scores. They feel as if the use of these scores by the public to determine the safety performance of a motor carrier is unfair and unjust.


Bad Habits of Truck Drivers

Tuesday, March 10th, 2015


Bad habits are important to break for all of us. Whether they are bad habits at work or bad habits at home, they are known to cause problems. However, while some may think that bad habits are harmless, bad habits by truck drivers can be fatal. Bad habits should be broken and avoided by truck drivers to ensure safety on the roads.

Bad habits for drivers to avoid include: