Congestion and Construction for I-95


Trucking companies that rely on I-95 to reach their destinations will need to consider alternative routes for the larger portion of this year. Beginning this Sunday, March 29th, construction will resume on a 4.4 mile area of I-95 to complete a two year project.The I-95 project of $60 million is expected to bring large traffic jams and numerous headaches for local commuters during high activity hours.

The stretch of highway will begin at the Fort McHenry Tunnel and end at Caton Avenue. While the construction work on I-95 last year brought numerous jams from the 13 changes to traffic patterns, this round is expected to be much worse. With 29 total shifts expected that will occur overlapping and weekly, Maryland Transportation Secretary Pete Rahn is urging to drivers to expect the worst.


The I-95 construction is expected to last until Thanksgiving and will cause serious backups between the hours of 7-9 in the morning and 4-7 in the evening. For those who have the ability, Rahn suggests a change in hours to avoid the traffic, public transportation, and even telecommuting. For those who have no choice but to travel I-95 during peak hours, attentiveness and patience is required. Maryland Transportation Authority executive director Bruce Gartner says that commuters should consider altering their routes while also being alert and aware when traveling due to changes.


Confusion due to the constant changes last year, especially during a specific instance when signs failed to display the correct information, aided in the major congestions on I-95. It is suggested that drivers map out different routes to their destination before they enter the highway while also being aware of the exit changes during travel. It is also important to avoid driving aggressively on I-95, especially during these peak hours. Aggressive driving will only add to the congestion while also placing drivers and construction works alike in danger.


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