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The Importance of Fleet Maintenance

Friday, March 3rd, 2023
man inspecting truck tire

Use a trucking company that performs proper fleet maintenance!

Truck services and trucks themselves come in all kinds. If your company needs a truck service, there is a program and a truck that will fit your needs. Evan Transportation offers regional and local trucking services in the Mid-Atlantic for all kinds of loads. Full loads, oversized loads, and more in semis, flatbeds, etc., are our specialties. Do you need intermodal or dropped transportation? We can do it! How do we do it all? Here enters the importance of fleet maintenance.


Truck Maintenance Suggestions for Spring

Friday, February 26th, 2021
Getting your Truck Ready for Spring

With spring on the way, take the opportunity to perform some maintenance tasks on your truck!

Throughout the winter season, trucks take on a huge toll. Snow, mud, and salt can start accumulating and causing serious damage to your truck, which can make transitioning into the spring a little tougher. To ready yourself for the new season, you’re going to have to take some time and perform a few maintenance tasks. Here are some truck maintenance tips you can use to get yourself ready for spring. (more…)

Tips for Proper Truck Tire Maintenance

Saturday, March 21st, 2020
Tips for Proper Truck Tire Maintenance

Truck tire maintenance should be regular and frequent. Check out the other tips for keeping truck tires in good condition for longer.

Truck tire maintenance is something every trucking company or fleet service should already know. Making sure the vehicle’s tires are taken care of properly makes for safer driving and savings for the carrier company. Trucks travel long distances, sometimes over not-so-great roads, and all the while hauling heavy freight. So while tires inevitably will receive wear and eventually need replacement, following good truck tire maintenance practices can dramatically extend a set of tires’ lifecycle. Here are the tips trucking industry experts follow for a proper truck tire maintenance routine.  (more…)

A Guide To Essential Pre-Trip Inspections

Friday, May 17th, 2019
Check out our guide to essential pre-trip inspections.

Check out our guide to essential pre-trip inspections.

The pre-trip inspection is a crucial part of every trip for truckers, as it is the best way to prevent any issues while on the road. If a driver misses a step in their pre-trip inspection, they not only put themselves in danger, but they also put everyone on the road around them in danger as well. Continue reading for our guide to the essential steps of pre-trip inspections. (more…)

What Truck Drivers Should Know About Taking Care Of Tires

Thursday, January 31st, 2019
Check of a few things that truck drivers should know about taking care of their tires.

Check of a few things that truck drivers should know about taking care of their tires.

It’s crucial for truck drivers to know how to take care of their tires, as regular inspections and maintenance are the best way to ensure your truck is safe to drive. Continue reading to learn more about the importance of tire maintenance and what truck drivers should know about their tires. (more…)

Truck Driver Injury Prevention Tips

Friday, September 28th, 2018
freight company

Learn more about truck driver injury prevention tips.

Being a truck driver is one of the most dangerous jobs, as it requires long hours behind the wheel. Driving for many hours a day increases the chances of a car accident, especially when drivers are often running on little sleep. In addition to car accidents, truckers are prone to bodily injuries from spending too long sitting in one position and loading cargo. Continue reading for a few injury prevention tips all truckers should know to keep themselves healthy and safe. (more…)

Spring Maintenance Tips for Your Rig

Friday, February 24th, 2017
Spring Maintenance

Here’s a handy checklist to help you get your rig in good shape for the spring!

The snow of winter has melted (and barely appeared in the first place), the days are getting warmer and longer, and spring cleaning and maintenance periods are now upon us. Spring is the perfect time to give your rig a little extra attention and perform some basic spring maintenance. Here are some of our favorite tips to make sure your rig stays in great shape. (more…)

Defensive Driving Techniques

Thursday, July 21st, 2016

Defensive driving techniques can help you avoid a collision.

If you’ve been driving for a long time, you probably know that driving is risky business. Not everyone drives well! It’s important for responsible drivers to develop a set of skills to defend themselves against possible collisions due to bad drivers, drunk drivers, or dangerous weather conditions. You can’t control the actions of other drivers, but you can prepare yourself for the worst case scenarios. Here are a few tips for practicing defensive driving techniques. (more…)

Celebrating National Car Care Month with Preventative Truck Maintenance

Thursday, April 14th, 2016
preventative truck maintenance

Check these items off your list with preventative truck maintenance.

April is National Car Care Month, and we wanted to offer our two cents in celebration. Freight trucks are pretty much cars, right? While it’s normally an afterthought, preventative truck maintenance can actually save you thousands of dollars. It can even save you hundreds of thousands of dollars if you have a large fleet. With preventative maintenance, you reduce the need for costly repairs and equipment. Let’s jump right in and take a look at the ins and outs of preventative truck maintenance and how it can help you. (more…)

Winter Trucking Preventative Maintenance to Keep You Running

Wednesday, January 20th, 2016
winter trucking preventative maintenance

Treat your truck better than this to keep it running smoothly all winter long

Winter trucking can go one of two ways. One, you’re warm and dry inside your cabin, with all necessities on board and all preventative maintenance taken care of. Or two, you run into one problem after another after another, as a result of lacking preventative maintenance or poor preparation. We assume you’d prefer the former over the latter, and we’ve gathered some tips to keep you safely on the road to your destination, rather than pulled over on the side of that road with a breakdown. (more…)