Tips for Proper Truck Tire Maintenance

Tips for Proper Truck Tire Maintenance

Truck tire maintenance should be regular and frequent. Check out the other tips for keeping truck tires in good condition for longer.

Truck tire maintenance is something every trucking company or fleet service should already know. Making sure the vehicle’s tires are taken care of properly makes for safer driving and savings for the carrier company. Trucks travel long distances, sometimes over not-so-great roads, and all the while hauling heavy freight. So while tires inevitably will receive wear and eventually need replacement, following good truck tire maintenance practices can dramatically extend a set of tires’ lifecycle. Here are the tips trucking industry experts follow for a proper truck tire maintenance routine. 

Choosing the Correct Truck Tires

From the start, the appropriate truck tires should be selected and installed for the commercial vehicle. This requires considering items like tire size, the truck’s carrying capacity, and type of service, such as for drayage or long-hauls. Choosing the correct set of truck tires is critical because the right tires will fulfill the performance needs better, and it dictates the appropriate measures for maintenance from there on out.

Operating the Vehicle Safely

Truck drivers already know their responsibility to operate their trucks safely in order to get to their destinations. They often need to adjust their driving depending on road conditions, traffic conditions, and even outside temperature. By doing so, drivers can preserve the integrity of their tires and share the road safely with other vehicles. Tires can also have a maximum speed rating, which drivers should take care not to exceed, even when the posted speed limits are greater. Operating the vehicle above the tire’s speed rating can lead to excessive tire wear and potentially a tire blowout.

Regular Inspection

Drivers play their part in truck tire maintenance by visually inspecting their tires before getting into their cab. This lets them notice any irregularities or damage that may indicate it’s not safe to drive until repairs are made, or until it’s replaced with a spare. Before any new trips, more thorough inspections can help identify uneven wear, low tire tread, or any cuts, cracks, or punctures to the tires.

Regular Maintenance

This goes without saying that regular truck tire maintenance work is key to preserving the longevity of your set of tires. Tire rotations and balancing prevent your tires from wearing out too quickly or unevenly. In addition, the tires should be inflated to the correct pressure at all times. Properly inflated truck tires support even wear and can help with fuel efficiency. Moreover, tires at even pressure make sure the heavy freight is also equally distributed.

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