Intermodal Drayage in the Transportation Industry

Intermodal Drayage in the Transportation Industry

Intermodal drayage is a big deal, especially here in the mid-Atlantic region.

Intermodal drayage plays a considerable role in this nation’s transportation industry. Most people do not realize the significance of drayage in managing supply chains, or the incredible logistics that go into facilitating drayage. As an intermodal drayage carrier, along with offering other trucking services, Evan Transportation can help with your drayage needs throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. Let’s further explore this specialty transportation service to understand it’s importance, and what we can anticipate in the future of intermodal drayage.

How Drayage is Unique

Drayage, in the transportation industry, means to move cargo over a short distance. Generally, the freight is moved by whole shipping containers that are conveyed over roads, rail, and marine methods. This is different than truckload service because the shipping container itself is moved via a chassis or flatbed to rail yards and ocean ports. The individual goods do not need to be unloaded and reloaded during a transfer from one mode of transport to the next. This saves on otherwise required time and labor. A container’s journey may take it from a warehouse to various ports before arriving at it’s intended end destination.

Importance of Intermodal

Given the Mid-Atlantic region’s diverse terrain and strategic location, clients can take advantage of moving shipments by truck, trains, and boat. In fact, using various modes of transportation — and being strategic about it — is what makes fast and efficient deliveries possible. Carriers aren’t bound to one method of transportation throughout a delivery, making the process more flexible.


Proper planning and coordination help keep any supply chain running smoothly and on time. However, the nature of intermodal drayage still yields plenty of problems and inefficiencies, especially during busy shipping seasons. The change over of drivers or mode of transportation makes many ports congested, leading to frustrations and delays. Delays tend to lead to missed deadlines, customer dissatisfaction, and even late fees and penalties. Some ports cannot handle a surge in demand for drayage. In many cases, there are not enough carriers or vehicles to keep the shipments on their way soon enough.

Needing Technology

To address some of the challenges of intermodal drayage, the right technology can improve efficiency and transparency in the whole process. Real-time tracking for shipping containers is a good start to follow a shipment over several legs of its journey. Another technological solution we need to see in intermodal drayage is self-maintained refrigerated containers to move temperature-sensitive goods. These independent containers need to sustain low temperatures throughout the entire transport of things like food or pharmaceuticals and must stay cold while in various modes of transportation.

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