What is Full Truckload Service?

What is Full Truckload Service?

We explain what full truckload service is, and how it can benefit our customers.

When you’re paying for a service, you want to fully understand your options and what the services involve in order to make the best decision. For many businesses that need to hire a shipping service, they may consider using a full truckload service. However, in their search for a reliable trucking carrier to fulfill the full truckload service, they find out there are plenty of other options that seem to promise the same thing, but at lower prices. Today, we’ll go over what full truckload service is and it’s benefits, as well as an alternative you may also be familiar with. 

What is Full Truckload?

Full truckload, also known as FTL, can be described as a type of shipping mode a carrier offers. A truck carries a dedicated shipment for a customer filled with their products only, or as part of a larger shipment. The shipment in the truck will take up all or most of the shipping container or truck trailer. Using a full truckload service generally means the journey is meant to deliver that one shipment only. Additionally, size and weight restrictions vary by state and local laws, but usually the reference to full truckloads can range from whatever fits safely in the truck and is anywhere from 34,000 to 45,000 pounds.

Benefits of Full Truckload Shipping

When businesses need to move a volume of product that can fit into a full shipping container to one destination, a full truckload service can be quite desirable. These shipments are typically much faster and more reliable because the trip is solely dedicated to the one delivery. Renting a full trailer is often more expensive since trucking services try to be efficient with their deliveries by shipping multiple company’s products at once. When you rent the whole truck, the higher price makes up for that convenience to the carrier. 

With that being said, many businesses still find incredible value in hiring a full truckload service, even when their shipment may be a little less than FTL. The shipment is less likely to be damaged or stolen because it is handled far less times than on deliveries that requires multiple people to move the products around before reaching its delivery destination.

What is LTL and is it for Me?

Conversely, LTL, or less than truckload, shipping can be a viable alternative to some businesses. These shipments do not take up an entire shipping container, and will be filled with shipments from other companies. Businesses only pay for the portion of the truck space their shipment takes up. In some cases, companies will find that splitting their FTL shipment into LTL shipments can actually be a more cost effective solution.

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