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Preparing Yourself for Storage Container Delivery Day

Friday, July 23rd, 2021
evan transportation shipping container

Shipping container delivery can be complicated and requires quite a bit of room.

So the day of your storage container’s arrival is closing in. Storage containers, especially intermodal, are very large, and as a result, require quite a bit of preparation to accept. If you’ve never had to accept a shipping container before, you might be unprepared for what to expect. But there is no need to fear because this blog has you covered! Read on to learn about how to accept your storage container delivery with ease. (more…)

How to Lessen Intermodal Shipping Capacity Challenges

Thursday, June 24th, 2021
evan transportation intermodal shipping

Intermodal shipping as of late has suffered some pretty annoying restrictions. Here’s how to keep things going smoothly!

In recent years, due to economic challenges, changing legislation, and even the COVID-19 pandemic, there have been more and more intermodal shipping issues that have arisen due to freight capacity limits in standard 53′ shipping containers. Because of intermodal shipping freight capacity, it takes a longer time for shipments to arrive and also raises the prices of the shipments, which can become a logistics nightmare. However, truckers and intermodal shipping carriers still have some control over the situation. Here’s how to lessen the burden of intermodal shipping freight capacity limits for your trucking fleet.  (more…)

Improve Your Company Logistics in 3 Steps

Friday, June 4th, 2021
evan transportation logistics

Logistics is a complicated web of handling, but it always gets the job done.

Now that the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic are finally starting to stabilize, we can now see a much clearer picture of just how important good logistics management was in the past year. With a huge shift in online business making and sales, many old-fashioned companies were not able to make it based on their old business model. Other companies learned from their failures: they either must adapt to the new normal or risk a total shutdown. One thing a lot of business owners jumped on to stay afloat was the great management of their company’s supply chain logistics model. After all, in a mostly online shopping world, having a better supply chain and shipment logistics became more important than ever before. Here are some sensible ways you can begin adapting your supply chain and shipment logistics management today for a more efficient tomorrow.  (more…)

Using Storage Containers to Move Cross-Country

Thursday, May 13th, 2021
evan transportation storage containers

Storage containers can be used for a variety of purposes, including moving.

While some people are perfectly fine living in the same place, they grew up their whole lives, moving far away from where you once called home is a right of passage for others. Some people move for work, some move for transfers, some for retirement, and some just because they want to try somewhere new for a while. Whatever your reason for moving, you will most likely need some way to move your furniture and other belongings to your new distant place of residence. But renting a moving truck or hiring a move-out company can be very expensive and very time-consuming. How can you move to your new home on a relatively low budget? If you are lucky enough to own or be able to rent a semi-truck built for towing, there is one more solution you can use: shipping containers. Here’s how you can use storage containers to save some time and cash when moving far away from home.  (more…)

The Benefits of Intermodal Truck Travel

Thursday, March 25th, 2021
evan transportation intermodal

Intermodal shipments come off boats looking like this, and they attach directly to your truck.

Truck driving is an essential job. Without truck drivers, freight would not be able to get from point A to point B, and businesses and entire industries would have great difficulty in receiving supplies. But truck driving is not an easy job. It can be physically and emotionally taxing since truck drivers often are away from home for many days or even weeks. Perhaps you are a truck driver looking to be able to spend more time with your family, or maybe you are tired of the achy joints. If so, have you considered intermodal truck driving? Intermodal is a different type of trucking than a traditional cross-country driver. Read on to learn more about intermodal trucking and why it could benefit you as a truck driver. (more…)

How to Safely Deliver Oversized Loads At Night

Friday, March 12th, 2021
evan transportation oversize load travel

Traveling with an oversize load can be very stressful, especially at night. Make sure to follow these safety tips.

When it comes to oversized loads and nighttime driving, there are some safety implementation methods and protocols that should always be followed. In fact, there are some helpful tips truck drivers can take to ensure they stay safe when driving an oversized load at night. Here are some incredibly useful tips to stay safe at night with a heavy load.  (more…)

Getting Certified for the Delivery of Hazardous Materials

Friday, September 11th, 2020
Getting Certified for the Delivery of Hazardous Materials

Becoming a certified driver for the delivery of hazardous materials is not exceedingly challenging, and could set the driver up for a career with more opportunities and better pay.

Completing the delivery of hazardous materials can be a significantly more dangerous job given the nature of the shipment and the operation of different vehicles. Therefore, the transportation industry has set up requirements for only certified truck drivers with special hazmat knowledge to fulfill these deliveries. Becoming a certified driver for the delivery of hazardous materials is not exceedingly challenging, and could set the driver up for a career with more opportunities and better pay. Here’s what you should know about the certification process in order to carry out safely and legally the delivery of hazardous materials. (more…)

What is Full Truckload Service?

Friday, January 31st, 2020
What is Full Truckload Service?

We explain what full truckload service is, and how it can benefit our customers.

When you’re paying for a service, you want to fully understand your options and what the services involve in order to make the best decision. For many businesses that need to hire a shipping service, they may consider using a full truckload service. However, in their search for a reliable trucking carrier to fulfill the full truckload service, they find out there are plenty of other options that seem to promise the same thing, but at lower prices. Today, we’ll go over what full truckload service is and it’s benefits, as well as an alternative you may also be familiar with.  (more…)

Keep Cool When Making Temperature Controlled Deliveries

Friday, October 18th, 2019
Keep Cool When Making Temperature Controlled Deliveries

Temperature controlled deliveries entails special trucking considerations.

The type of cargo truckers deliver often incurs additional considerations. With climate-sensitive goods, temperature-controlled deliveries are necessary to protect the integrity of the products. A trucker can follow proper trucking safety to get the cargo where it needs to be, but like other types of specialized trucking, temperature-controlled deliveries require more care. How do truck drivers keep their cool when they need to keep their cargo cool? Here are some things truckers consider when fulfilling temperature-controlled deliveries. (more…)

The Benefits of Intermodal Drayage

Thursday, October 3rd, 2019
The Benefits of Intermodal Drayage

What’s so great about intermodal drayage? A lot more than you think.

Here in the Mid-Atlantic region, we have plenty of access to roads, rails, and ports. As the shipping and trucking industries progress, we take advantage of new methods to get deliveries from place to place efficiently. Intermodal drayage is one of those new methods. Evan Transportation provides valuable intermodal drayage services to our clients. Are you aware of the benefits intermodal drayage can create for your business?  (more…)