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Rent or Buy Sea Containers from Us!

Friday, April 5th, 2024
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Rely on Evan for sea containers for sale and rent in Baltimore, MD!

Sea containers, shipping containers, and mobile storage containers: find them all here if you are in the Baltimore area! Evan Transportation has been around for decades and knows a thing or two about trucking, freight transportation, and mobile storage units. Rent or buy sea containers from us at Evan Transportation!


Trucking 101: Intermodal Trucking

Friday, June 17th, 2016
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One downside to short haul driving for intermodal shipping is regular driving through urban areas.

While the term intermodal may make some in the trucking industry nervous, the boom in this kind of shipping should be seen as an opportunity for drivers and their employers. Truck drivers and companies that offer short haul services have the chance to become part of a freight shipping model that is becoming increasingly popular. (more…)

Driving Competition Test Trucker Skills

Wednesday, May 7th, 2014

TrucksOn May 4th, 2014, 100 truckers from the Northeast and Midwest met behind the Mack Truck Museum in Allentown to compete in the Lehigh Valley Truck Driving Championships Tune Up Drive. The competition raises money for scholarships for high school students looking to enter the field of transportation.

Trucker skills are tested in areas such as turning, parking, and backing up. There are about seven problems set up on a course, each having the potential to award 50 points. Cones and lines are used to help judges score the truckers while they complete the problems. Points are deducted whenever a line is crossed or a cone is knocked over or flattened. The problems used during the competition are based on real life problems truckers’ face during their day to day assignments.  Some of the problems truckers faced were making tight turns and parking on a scale. There are three different axle categories, 3-axle, 4-axle, and 5-axle that the truckers compete in. Winners for this year’s competition included Roland Boluc from FedEx Express and Fred Schenk of Sunoco.

Truckers from Evan Transportation should choose a year to test their trucker skills at the competition for a good cause. At Evan Transportation we service areas within the Mid-Atlantic region such as:

  1. Central Pennsylvania (Allentown)
  2. Northern Virginia
  3. Maryland
  4. New Jersey
  5. Delaware

We are able to transport a large variety of product such as:

  1. General freight
  2. Lumber
  3. Beverages
  4. Steel
  5. Paper products
  6. Retail

Most of our truckers are TWIC certified and have a pristine driving record. They also undergo a background check. Our employees include transportation and trucking veterans who understand and relate to the industry and will help provide solutions to any problem effectively and quickly. Evan Transportation has been in the transportation business for over 20 years and we use our skilled truckers to help build long term relationships with our customers. We provide same day pick up and delivery, so you can rest assured your products will arrive to their destination in a time efficient manner.

We also offer A-1 Trailer and Container which specializes in providing Baltimore with its trailer and container needs. Give us a call at 443-673-3365 or complete an online contact form here. Our office is located at 4800 Belle Grove Road, Baltimore, MD.

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