Trucking 101: Intermodal Trucking

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One downside to short haul driving for intermodal shipping is regular driving through urban areas.

While the term intermodal may make some in the trucking industry nervous, the boom in this kind of shipping should be seen as an opportunity for drivers and their employers. Truck drivers and companies that offer short haul services have the chance to become part of a freight shipping model that is becoming increasingly popular.

What is Intermodal Shipping

Intermodal shipping is exactly what it sounds like, the shipping of good using various modes of transportation. Cargo is loaded into a container that can be moved easily from one mode to another, eliminating the need to handle the freight individually. Usually, cargo is brought to port on a freight ship, transferred to a truck and then delivered to a railway terminal. From there the freight is shipped across country. The process is the same, just reversed, when a company needs cargo delivered to a shipping port.

Advantages of Intermodal Shipping

The main advantage of intermodal shipping is the safety of the cargo. Security is increased and the risk of damage is significantly reduced since the cargo stays in the same container throughout the duration of shipping.

Need for Short Haul Drivers

Intermodal shipping relies on the connection between shipping ports and railway terminals. This connection usually runs through an urban area, so driving the freight is the best way to transport it. For drivers this means an opportunity for more work close to home. Being home every night and short driving times are two of the biggest advantages of short haul trucking. Plus, unlike other short haul jobs, you won’t need to worry about having to deliver packages or stock trailers. The downside to short haul trucking, especially in a intermodal shipping setting, is the difficulty of driving in a city. Even if the driving is more difficult than on long haul jobs, the routes will be more familiar since drivers work close to home. Short haul drivers are the vital connection that makes this system work.

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