The Importance of the Trucking Industry in the United States

trucking industry in the united states

Drive off into the sunset knowing that Evan Transportation appreciates the trucking industry in the United States.

Truckers often don’t get the credit they deserve for their contributions to the country. Heck, the trucking industry in the United States is responsible for keeping so many other industries afloat, it’s hard to count. Unless you’re reading this outside, there’s a decent chance that everything around you has been inside a truck at some point on its journey to you. Even if you are outside, we bet there are at least a few things you can find that have traveled on a freight truck. At Evan Transportation, we fully appreciate our truckers’ importance to the U.S. economy, and we want to take a second to recognize just how important the trucking industry in the United States can be.

The Impact of the Trucking Industry in the United States Economy

The trucking industry in the United States handles more cargo than ships, planes, and trains. It delivers goods from ports to destinations. Raw materials from sources to manufacturers. The United States economy would come to a grinding halt without truckers. But let’s look a little more specifically.

Employment Opportunities: This one might get overlooked, just like how the importance of truckers in the U.S. gets overlooked in the first place. With such a high demand for goods to be shipped via freight truck, that means an equally high demand for people behind the wheel to do that shipping. According to Business Insider, there are over 800,000 truck drivers working in the U.S., accounting for $30 billion annually.

Political Influence: The trucking industry collects annual revenues upwards of $650 billion. That’s equivalent to over 84% of the entire revenue pulled in by the commercial transportation industry. As such, the trucking industry in the United States does more than pull its fair share of weight in the country. (Literally.)

If the Trucking Industry in the United States Disappeared

What would happen? Well, it would almost immediately impact nearly every other industry across the country. Food, waste removal, finance, retail, manufacturing — so much of what keeps this country running. We’re so lucky in this country to have infrastructure and industry that brings everything we need practically right to our front doors. If the trucking industry disappeared, we’d have a pretty hard time carrying on.

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