Industry Insight: Women in Trucking

women in trucking

Women are a strong and important force in the trucking industry.

While trucking is traditionally considered to be a man’s job, and when you say the word trucker to people generally the initial image they picture will be that of a man, that is swiftly changing in the modern trucking industry. There are a vast number of hardworking, well-trained and equally qualified women in trucking today.   

Changing Attitudes In The Industry

Back in the day, trucking was considered to be a man’s job only, but fortunately this is not a popular attitude these days. While there are unfortunately a few hard-headed individuals that haven’t quite caught up with the modern state of things, most truckers know that the job can be done just as well by a male or female, as it all comes down to training.

Women In Trucking

When it comes down to it, the physical aspects of trucking do not necessarily require a large burly man, even though that is the stereotypical trucker. The main aspects of the job can be performed by anyone, regardless of their size or gender. Dropping and hooking trailers, checking and filling fluids, inspecting and maintaining equipment, and operating it properly can be done by anyone with the proper training.

A Trucking Myth Debunked

When it comes to unloading the product being hauled, it would seem that hiring a large man would be necessary to get the job done effectively. Unloading hundreds or thousands of pounds of product is an arduous task which seems like it would be better left to a certain type of person with a certain type of build. However, most companies hire “lumpers” to do the unloading work, and this does not fall under the responsibilities of the truck driver, whether they are male or female. Men and women in trucking are generally not asked to unload product so they can focus on driving long distances safely and efficiently.

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