Freight Trucking Tips to Avoid Overweight Fines

overweight fines

Uh-oh, weigh station ahead?? Are you safe from overweight fines?

When it comes to transporting materials and goods, there are a number of important responsibilities and truck owner or operator must take on. One of the most important ones is making sure that their trucks are not overloaded. This not only gives a company a bad reputation, but can negatively affect their bottom line through hefty fines. If you want to maintain your image and avoid overweight fines, follow these steps.

Make Sure All Equipment Is Well-Maintained

Keeping all of your trucks and equipment in prime conditions is important for safety, efficiency, and meeting industry standards. Make sure your weighing equipment is regularly maintained by professionals in order to avoid overweight fines.

Ensure Your Loads Are Secure

Even if your load is of the proper weight, it can still potentially cause damage to the truck if it shifts around during transit. This will help you avoid both hazards and fines.

Plan Routes Well

A well-planned route saves time and money and makes for an efficient and safe delivery. Some operators use certain longer routes to attempt to avoid overweight fines by evading permanent scales, but this does not always work as officials often carry portable scales.

Consider Fuel Weight

This adds to the weight of the truck, and it is important to remember to take more stops to get fuel, rather than make one stop to take on a lot of fuel and add excess weight. This will help truckers avoid overweight fines.

Utilize On-Board Scales

Truck owners and operators often make use of on board weigh scales so they are not completely dependent on only fixed scales. This can make weighing loads easier and it will also help you to avoid overweight fines. These scales require regular maintenance to be useful.

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