The Benefits of Intermodal Drayage

The Benefits of Intermodal Drayage

What’s so great about intermodal drayage? A lot more than you think.

Here in the Mid-Atlantic region, we have plenty of access to roads, rails, and ports. As the shipping and trucking industries progress, we take advantage of new methods to get deliveries from place to place efficiently. Intermodal drayage is one of those new methods. Evan Transportation provides valuable intermodal drayage services to our clients. Are you aware of the benefits intermodal drayage can create for your business? 

What is Intermodal Drayage?

Intermodal refers to the use of different modes, in this case, for transportation. Typically these modes are by ship, trucks, or trains. Drayage means moving cargo over a short distance, or more commonly as a short trip that goes into delivering a long haul. Intermodal drayage is a means of using various modes of transportation throughout a trip to get cargo where it needs to go efficiently. 

Streamlined Logistics

Even though intermodal drayage uses more than one mode of transportation, this helps to streamline the logistics of getting the cargo to its destination. Shippers aren’t bound to one transportation method if problems arise. There’s more flexibility in the manner of delivery. Taking advantage of seaports, railroads, and traditional trucking all make the delivery process faster. Plus, the latest trucking technology helps keep better track of shipping containers in various modes and stages of transit.

Lower Cost

Transporting goods by rail can help trucking companies save on fuel and therefore fuel money. Depending on the different regions you need to navigate through, you can compare the costs it would take to use various modes of transportation. Plan a route that combines different modes to improve overall efficiency and save on more costly single mode of transportation.

More Eco-Friendly

Transporting by rail cuts down on total carbon emissions from a trip that would otherwise be completed by just trucking. Trains use less fuel than trucks. The transportation sector creates one of the most significant carbon footprints across the United States. It’s important to make changes and cut back on carbon emissions wherever possible.

Helps Truck Drivers

Like dropped trailers, shorter trips for truck drivers are involved when it comes to intermodal drayage. They need to complete their portion of the drayage and pass the next leg of the cargo’s trip to the next transporter. It also helps eliminate some of the duties when moving the cargo to the next shipment mode, as the entire freight containers are passed along.

For All Your Trucking Needs

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