A Short Guide to Long Haul Trucking

A Short Guide to (Surviving) Long Haul Trucking

Here’s our guide to making those long haul trips. What are some of your tips?

When you’re on the road for a long haul trucking job, it can usually go one of two ways; either you’re prepared and have a great comfortable time, or you’re miserable. Working long hauls can be grueling, but they’re necessary for the industry, and when prepared, they can even be fun. If you follow a few tricks, you’ll be able to take on the long haul trucking trips with nothing to fear! 

Have A Plan 

One of the biggest mistakes that new truckers make is to think that they can play it by ear. When you’re on the job and on the road, there are few things worse than getting hungry and realizing the next open service station is over 100 miles away. Start your day by planning your route and sticking to it. Not only should this include your stops for gas, breaks, and truck checkups, but when you have time, you could consider some sightseeing – if you are on schedule making sure the trip is enjoyable will help keep you focused. 

Stay Active 

A huge misconception is that driving a truck makes you inherently inactive. While this is unfortunately true of some, it doesn’t need to be true of all. If you take the time to ensure you’re getting in daily exercise and plenty of breaks for movement and stretching, you may wind up more fit than before you started working long haul trucking jobs! 

Mind Your Diet 

There’s nothing more uncomfortable than trying to focus on the road while in a full carb coma. Maintaining a healthy diet isn’t always easy on the road, but it can go a long way to helping you stay focused and feeling well. Try to always have fresh fruits and vegetables on hand, and avoid eating foods with too much salt. Likewise, make sure you’re staying hydrated and drinking water over sugary, caffeinated beverages. 

Get Rested

A good night’s sleep makes the difference between life or death in the trucking industry. Even laws and regulations are enforced to make sure truck drivers aren’t missing out on enough rest. Staying well-rested and ensuring you’re taking breaks when you get too tired will help keep you alert and focused on the road. When you’re driving a big rig on long hauls or short, it can only take a moment’s hesitation or loss of focus to have a life-threatening mistake. 

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