Trucking Services Using Technology for Safety and Savings

Adding trucking technology to trucking companies' fleets improves safety, saves money, and saves time.

Trucking services stay safe and stay competitive with modern technology.

While some trucking technology isn’t new and immensely groundbreaking, these innovations are helping trucking companies maintain safety and savings. Trucking services have added certain trucking tech for multiple good reasons. Some additions in the past few months or years have been for trucking service regulatory reasons. Others just make sense to keep the trucker, truck, and cargo safe.

Today we compiled a list of pretty standard trucking technology you would find in most fleets today. These add-ons help trucking companies improve their overall logistics. Trucking services can be made more accurate, faster, and safer in the process. Further, adding these technology to your fleet can keep your trucking service competitive.

Dynamic Routing

Dynamic implies flexibility where it makes sense. Trucking companies using dynamic routing can get updated information on the route its trucks are taking, making practical adjustments to save time and even fuel money

For example: Truckers driving from Pennsylvania to Washington DC could find faster alternative routes going through Maryland when there are major traffic backups on I-95. Updated weather alerts let drivers know to use extra caution when truck driving through rain and storms.

Electronic Logging Device

Electronic logging devices, or ELDs, are a requirement for nearly all commercial trucking services. These devices track truck drivers’ hours of service to make sure drivers are compliant with regulations from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. ELDs improve trucking companies’ logistics since its an easy way to keep track of hours to stay on schedule, and so well-rested truckers can stay alert and awake.

Forward Facing Cameras

Forward facing cameras have improved in quality for the past few years. Basically a dash cam for the cab, video recordings can save trucking companies on legal fees and false insurance claims if an accidental collision happens. Video records of any incident could prove the trucker, and thus the trucking company, not at fault if other vehicles caused the accidents. Trucking companies can protect their safety reputation to the public with forward facing cameras on hand for evidence.

Temperature Tracking Your Trucking Service

Also mandatory for some trucking services now, temperature tracking technology keeps trucking companies in compliance with transporting food items. The logistics of moving large quantities of food needs to account for food safety and sanitary regulations. Temperature control deliveries are abundant this day in age, so temperature tracking is a given. Documenting that the trucking service is following regulations protects the trucking company and can save the cargo.

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