5 Tips For Saving Fuel On The Road

Improving Fuel Economy

Check out these five tips for saving fuel while on the road.

Fuel consumption can be one of the most significant expenses for a fleet, so it’s important for all truckers to know how to increase their fuel efficiency. By improving fuel efficiency by just 1 MPG, you can save thousands on fuel per year! Check out these five tips for saving fuel while on the road.

Most Efficient Route

Drivers are always trying to take the most efficient route possible, as they need to get to their destination quickly while avoiding traffic and delays. The best way to find the most efficient route is to use GPS devices throughout the entire trip, as they are constantly scanning for faster routes. It’s common for a GPS to switch routes while on the road, as they become aware of backups and congested areas as soon as they occur.

Driver Behavior

Studies have proven that bad driving practices, such as speeding, directly affect the amount of fuel consumption. For example, if a driver is speeding at 65 mph instead of 55 mph, they are consuming about 20% more fuel. In addition to speeding, drivers should also be careful not to brake or accelerate too hard, as these also consume extra fuel.


Idling is one of the worst things you can do for fuel consumption, and even though it has been proven to consume a lot of fuel, many drivers still do it. It’s crucial to put a stop to idling, as it essentially a waste of money for your fleet. For example, if a truck consumes $70,000 of fuel each year, it’s estimated that $5,600 is spent on idling. For fleets with 100 trucks, that adds up to a whopping $560,000 of wasted fuel.

Check Tires

Drivers should be checking their tires before they head out on a long haul not only for safety reasons, but because properly inflated tires can save you money on fuel consumption. The U.S. Department of Energy states that you can improve gas mileage from 0.6% to as much as 3% by simply keeping your tires inflated.

Fuel Cards

Every trucker should have a fuel card! Most fuel card providers offer truckers great discounts, and drivers can enjoy many benefits such as improved security, convenience, and an easier way to track purchases.

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