5 Tips For Truck Driving Through Rain and Storms

Learn about five tips for truck driving through rain and storms.

Learn about five tips for truck driving through rain and storms.

Maryland experiences a lot of rain and thunderstorms in June, so it is important for all truck drivers to be prepared when bad weather strikes. Some storms are more extreme than others, resulting in extremely high winds that make driving very dangerous. Continue reading for five tips for truck driving through rain and storms to be prepared when thunder or lightning strikes.

Plan Ahead

One of the most important rules that every truck driver must follow is to plan ahead before heading out on a long haul. This includes checking your truck, stocking up on food and water, looking at your route, and taking a look at the weather for the day. If you know that the day calls for rain around a certain time, you can plan your breaks around the hours where the storm is at its worst.

Avoid Flooded Areas

It doesn’t take long for a road to become flooded during a severe storm. While you may think that your large truck can make it through the water, semi trucks are just as likely to get swept away by flood waters as other vehicles.

Leave Plenty Of Room

Anytime you are driving through dangerous weather conditions, it’s essential to leave extra space between you and other vehicles on the road. During a storm, there is low visibility and wet roads, which makes it much harder to stop. If you brake abruptly in a truck, there is a chance of jackknifing.

Lean Into The Skid

Semi trucks can also skid when the roads are very wet, but the most important rule is to remain calm. This is easier said than done, but if you are prepared and know the steps to take, you will have a better chance of correcting the situation. First, slowly attempt to straighten the trailer by steering in the direction of the skid, but don’t overdo it. It’s crucial not to hit the brakes, but instead, take your foot off all pedals and allow the truck to slow down naturally.

Clean Your Lights

When driving through heavy rain, it’s crucial to have your lights shining for other vehicles to see your truck approaching. Make sure that your headlights are clean before setting out on a long haul, and never drive a truck with a headlight out. It’s hard enough to see when the sky is dark and rainy- don’t make it harder by having dim lights!

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