A Guide To Essential Pre-Trip Inspections

Check out our guide to essential pre-trip inspections.

Check out our guide to essential pre-trip inspections.

The pre-trip inspection is a crucial part of every trip for truckers, as it is the best way to prevent any issues while on the road. If a driver misses a step in their pre-trip inspection, they not only put themselves in danger, but they also put everyone on the road around them in danger as well. Continue reading for our guide to the essential steps of pre-trip inspections.

Hood Of The Truck

Start your inspection at the hood of the truck. Tip the hood and check fluid levels, and look for any fluid leaks. Make sure that caps are on tight for the rad, oil filler, and power steering fluid. Next, observe the engine block and check for any leaks. Look at the hoses and check for wear or cracking, then inspect fan belts for signs of wear. Look at the shock absorbers, ball joints, and kingpins for wear and proper lubrication.

Leave the hood up and continue with the inspection, starting with observing all tires on your rig and trailer. Inspect the airlines and electrical cord, and check on the fifth wheel it ensure it’s coupled to the trailer. Take a look at the landing gear, trailer suspension, brake pads, brake adjustment indicators to ensure everything is in working order. Lastly, look over the entire unit for any body damage before moving on.

Start The Truck

Next, it is time to climb in the driver’s seat and start the truck. Depress the clutch and start the engine, and observe gauges to ensure oil pressure is good. Then gently ease the clutch out slowly, being sure to not high idle the truck right away. Instead, let it idle at 650 RPM. Check the gauges to ensure everything is working properly and the air pressure is building.

Turn on your lights and flashers, then exit the vehicle to do a visual inspection of the motor, looking for any leaks. Observe belts for proper tension and that they are turning properly, then you can close the hood and lock it down.

Circle The Vehicle

You’re not done with the pre-trip inspection yet! Circle check the truck again to ensure all lights are functioning properly on the truck and trailer. In the truck, depress the brake pedal to check the operation of the exterior lights. Listen for any air leaks as you walk around the vehicle, then turn off any lights you don’t need.

Last Steps

As for the final steps, back the truck up a few feet to ensure all trailer wheels are turning, then pull forward a few feet. Stop the foot with the foot brake to ensure it is operating correcting, and if everything looks good, you are ready to get on the road!

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