4 Helpful Planning Tips For Truck Drivers

Check out these four helpful planning tips for truck drivers.

Check out these four helpful planning tips for truck drivers.

Trip planning is a crucial part of being a truck driver, as drivers need to know the best possible route to get to their destination. It’s best to plan out a trip ahead of time to avoid traffic, bad areas, and to know where to stop for gas and food. Continue reading for a few helpful planning tips that all truckers should know.

Multiple Resources

When planning your trip each morning, be sure to use multiple resources to ensure you take the most efficient route. Google Maps or Waze are good navigation systems that update based on traffic, road closures, and obstacles along your route and alert you of any changes. These applications are also safe for drivers, as they speak the directions out loud so drivers can keep their eyes on the road at all times. Truckers also often use an atlas to get a clear picture of their route and a broader view.

Plan Breaks

It’s very important to plan your breaks before getting on the road, as you want to have a destination in mind. For your long breaks, have a primary location and a back-up location planned in case things don’t go as aspected. For your shorter, 30-minute breaks, take a look at a few options and have an idea of where you’ll stop in mind, but be prepared to be flexible and choose a different location.

Check The Forecast

Another essential step in the planning process is to be prepared for the weather. Check the weather app on your phone or listen to the radio for updates to be aware of any rain, extreme heat, strong winds, or other conditions. A professional driver will always be prepared for any type of weather and keep a raincoat, sunglasses, sunblock, and extra clothing in the car in case of emergencies.


Many truckers know that finding parking is no easy feat, especially when it gets late and the majority of truckers are stopping to rest for the night. Before you set off on a long haul, spend some extra time thinking about parking and what time you should attempt to park for the evening.

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