Safety Tips For Sleeping At Rest Areas And Truck Stops

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Check out these safety tips for sleeping at rest areas and truck stops.

When driving at night, truckers may the challenge of finding a safe place to park and rest, as it is increasingly difficult to find an open parking space. Rest area parking lots are often not the most well-lit and secure places, but even premium parking areas at truck spots can be dangerous for unalert truckers. Continue reading for a few essential safety tips for sleeping at a rest area or truck stop.

Rest Stop Safety

Rest area parking lots typically have poor lighting, and dark areas tend to be more prone to accidents and crime. Between the lack of security and quick access to the highway, rest areas are very appealing to criminals who look for unsuspecting truck drivers. However, well-lit parking lots are not free of crime either, as naive or unalert drivers can be the victim of scams or theft. With so many exhausted truckers in one place, there is also a higher risk of accidents.

In certain states, overnight parking and extended stays are illegal, so it’s crucial to know the updated law for each state you travel through. If you can stay overnight legally, it’s important to park near other drivers in the lot. There is safety in numbers, and a thief is more likely to target your truck if you are alone and far from other drivers.

Sleeping At A Truck Stop

At times when a hotel or motel are not viable options, a truck stop is your next best choice for an overnight stay. Many truck stops have amenities to allow truckers to feel more comfortable such as shower facilities, laundry, and a few food options. However, it is difficult to find parking, and in high-traffic areas, the spaces will be full before 6 pm.

Be sure to use all available tools to locate the safest options, such as trucking apps that help you find available parking spots in safe locations. It’s also important to remain alert and on your toes, as you never know when someone will try to distract you and break into your truck. Always lock your truck and trailer to protect yourself and your load, and be cautious around strangers.

General Safety Tips

There are also a few additional safety tips to keep in mind when traveling overnight to ensure you are as safe as possible. Be sure to always keep your cell phone charged, and to carry it with you every time you leave your rig. Also, take the time to scan the area before you get out of the truck, and avoid accessing ATMs when someone is loitering or looking suspicious nearby. If there are any signs of suspicious activity, it is not worth it to stick around- leave immediately and contact the highway patrol if necessary. While it’s tempting to let your guard down when you want to rest, it’s important to remain alert and know how to protect yourself while on the road.

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