The Life Of A Truck Driver: What To Expect

Learn all about the life of a truck driver.

Learn all about the life of a truck driver.

Before committing to a job, it’s essential to know as much as you can about the lifestyle changes to will bring. A career in truck driving is very different than a typical office job, and your daily life will revolve around a completely different schedule. Continue reading to learn what to expect when becoming a truck driver.

Shift Flexibility

One benefit of a career in trucking is the flexibility drivers have. Most truckers are able to choose when they want to take their shifts- either in the morning or at night. There are advantages to determining your own schedule, but it can also result in an inconsistent sleeping schedule. Many truckers find themselves catching up on sleep after a night shift, while others find time whenever possible to nap during the day.

Long Hours

Truck drivers have very important jobs, which means that their schedule will be demanding. Many drivers make use of their daily limit of driving (11 hours a day,) so they don’t have too much free time, but they can entertain themselves with music, audiobooks, podcasts, and more. Life on the road is especially difficult for people with families or significant others, as they will spend a lot of time apart. However, millions of truckers make it work, as they know that their job is important and they are providing a good life for their family.


While some drivers are paid hourly, most companies pay truckers based on the miles they’ve driven. The salary of a truck driver can increase over time as they get more experience, and can raise if they become a trainer, haul oversized freights or hazardous materials, or if the employer is paying the driver a percentage of their run. It’s important for new truckers to do their research on how a company will compensate you for their work.

Many Miles

The average truck driver will end up driving around 128,000 miles every working year- or about 500 miles of highway a day. Truck drivers are expected to spend a lot of time on the road, which results in a good salary, but also means that they work long shifts will short rest periods. If you think that driving hundreds of miles each day and exploring the country sounds like a great job- trucking may be the right career choice for you!

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