5 Requirements Needed To Become A Truck Driver

Learn about five requirements you must meet to become a truck driver.

Learn about five requirements you must meet to become a truck driver.

A career in trucking is a great option for many people, but it’s important to first know about all of the requirements you need to land the job. If you think that becoming a truck driver is the right fit for you, continue reading to learn about the requirements you must meet before getting started on the road!


While many people get their license in their teen years, you must be at least 21 years old to become a truck driver. The minimum age for the majority of trucking companies is 21 to ensure that drivers have enough driving experience.

Driving History

Speaking of driving experience, you must also present a 10-year driving history with your application. This must be done for every state you have lived in and includes any tickets or accidents that have occurred in the past ten years. Every company has different safety qualifications, but in general, trucking companies are looking to hire experienced drivers with minimal charges. You can request this driving record from your local DMV before applying for the job.

CDL Exam

If you don’t already have your CDL before applying, you will need to pass the exam before becoming a truck driver. The CDL exam includes a road test, vehicle inspection, and a backing test. However, you don’t have to learn all of this information on your own; you can find various truck driving training programs to help you pass the test.

Medical Qualifications

Truck drivers must pass certain medical qualifications, as it is crucial to ensure truckers that spend hours on the road are able to drive safely. Check with a medical professional who is certified by the DOT to determine if you have a health condition that is a concern for driving long distances. Also, ask if they believe your condition will allow you to pass a DOT physical.

Criminal Record

As a truck driver, you will be responsible for large amounts of expensive cargo, so many companies will conduct a background check to ensure they are hiring a trusted employee. This will often include a criminal record check to ensure you are free of major charges that could conflict with the job. Each company has different qualifications, so if you have any questions or concerns, you can contact the company for their qualification information before applying.

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