Essential Items Truckers Need On Their Long Haul Packing List

Check out this list of essential items truckers need on their long haul packing list.

Check out this list of essential items truckers need on their long haul packing list.

Many people know the struggle of occasionally packing for long trips during the year, but truckers experience this constantly. Since truck drivers are always on the road and going on long hauls, they must pack everything they need but are limited to the space in their truck. Continue reading for a list of essential items that should be on every truckers long haul packing list!


When it comes to packing clothes, keep in mind your comfort level and the weather. Truck drivers know that wearing uncomfortable clothes is one of the worst things you can do, as you’ll be sitting in those clothes for hours at a time. Choose stretchy fabrics that aren’t too tight to make your drive as enjoyable as possible.

Also, it’s crucial to dress for the weather, and always bring back up clothing. In the winter, every trucker should have a coat, gloves, hat, and other warm items to stay warm- especially during an emergency. Sunglasses should also be in reach at all times, as driving with the sun shining in your eyes can be very dangerous.


After the clothes are packed, it’s time to move onto toiletries and medications. If you take medication regularly, be sure to pack extra for your long haul, as you never know if you will be delayed a few days due to weather or complications. It’s best to be over-prepared, especially when it comes to your health! Of course, all medications should first be approved under the DOT and reviewed by a medical professional certified under the DOT.

As for toiletries, bring the necessities that you will need every day, in addition to a shower caddy to make showering as easy as possible. Although you may not have time for laundry, you can bring a small laundry bag and detergent.


It’s essential to pack food and water, as you don’t want to rely on fast food for every meal during the long haul. Pack a few of your favorite snacks that fill you up, as well as healthy choices to ensure you are making good decisions on the road. Snacks such as protein bars, fruit, and nuts make great snack choices to hold you over until your next meal.

Random Essentials

There are a few essential items that you should always keep in your truck, as you never know when they’ll be needed. This includes checks or cash, as some places will be cash-only, or your debit card can be flagged if you are traveling all over the country. You should also have the tools needed to make minor repairs on the truck, to ensure you get back on schedule as quickly as possible. Lastly, keep a paper map somewhere in the truck, as you may lose reception in some areas and can’t rely on your GPS.

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