How To Stay Healthy And Fight Flu Season On The Road

Learn how to fight the flu while on the road.

Learn how to fight the flu while on the road.

Flu season is here, and you probably know a few people who have felt under the weather already. This year’s flu season is looking to be one of the worst ones yet, according to the CDC, and it’s important for truckers to stay healthy while on the road. Continue reading for a few tips all truckers should do to remain safe this flu season.

Flu Shot

While flu activity often peaks between December and February, many people get their flu shots a few months earlier. However, the flu season can last until May, so it’s not too late to get your annual shot if you haven’t already. While getting the shot is a choice, it is highly recommended and is shown to fight the illness effectively.

Washing Hands

Washing your hands is important all year long, but especially during the flu season when germs are spreading all around you. While on the road, truckers visit many rest-stops for food and bathroom breaks, and it’s crucial to wash your hands thoroughly before you leave. It’s also a good idea to keep hand sanitizer with you or in your truck to disinfect your hands a few times a day.

Clean Truck

Truckers spend hours and hours in their trucks, and it can quickly become home to germs and viruses. This flu season, take every precaution and clean your truck at least once a week. This includes removing any trash, wiping down the seats, and disinfecting the console and steering wheel.

Prepare For Illness

Even if you try your best to stay healthy, there is always a chance you can come down with a cold or other illness. You may be able to continue working with a cold, so it’s best to prepare your truck with necessities to help you feel better. This may include medicine (non-drowsy, as you should not be operating a vehicle while taking drowsy medication,) water and sports drinks, blankets and warm clothes, as well as soup and other comforting foods.


To fight off any sickness, your body needs to be well-rested. If you’re feeling sick while on the road, don’t push yourself to stay up too long or to drive the extra miles. Pull over a little early, stay hydrated and warm, and get plenty of sleep. Not only will your body need the extra time to recover, but it is also very dangerous to drive when feeling tired.

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