3 Safety Tips For Driving A Truck A Night

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Check out three important safety tips for driving a truck at night.

All truckers will find themselves driving at night at some point in their career. Some truckers prefer nighttime driving because it means less traffic and construction, but truck driving at night can be dangerous even when there are no cars around. In addition to reduced vision, fatigue is a significant factor in many trucking accidents. Continue reading for a few crucial safety tips when driving a truck at night.

Do Not Drive When Drowsy

Drowsy driving is very dangerous and is a main factor in almost half of traffic accidents that occur at night. Driving while tired is actually very similar to driving under the influence, as sleep deprivation has similar effects on your body as drinking alcohol. Keep this in mind the next time you get behind the wheel after a long night of no sleep- if you don’t feel awake enough to drive, it is not worth the risk. To avoid feeling drowsy all the time, do your best to get a solid eight hours of sleep every night, take regular breaks, and even pull over to take a nap if you feel too tired.

Avoid Impaired Vision

Of course, driving in the dark is very different than driving in the daylight, and you must take precautions to ensure your vision is as clear as possible. Small factors can play a big role in your vision, such as a dirty windshield, dashboard lights, and more. Before heading out on a haul during the night, dim your dashboard lights, clean your windshield, and refrain from using your phone. If you are using your phone as a GPS, turn down the brightness so it is not so distracting. Also, looking in the headlights on oncoming traffic can impair your vision, so try to avoid looking at other cars and focus on the road ahead.

Never Speed

When there are no other vehicles on the road around you, it can be difficult to drive the speed limit when you want to go faster. However, professional truckers know the importance of the speed limit, and how crucial it is to drive at a reasonable speed. Trucks have a more challenging time stopping and avoiding surprises on a highway, so it is imperative to drive the speed limit at every hour of the day.

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