Types Of Distractions Truckers Face On The Road

Learn about the types of distractions that truckers face on the road.

Learn about the types of distractions that truckers face on the road.

We all know about the dangers of distracted driving, which often refers to talking on the phone, texting, or listening to the radio too loudly. However, truckers will face many other distractions while on the road, and they may not even recognize what is diverting their attention. Continue reading for various types of distractions that truckers face and how to limit them while driving.

External Distractions

External distractions are everywhere and are often the cause of major accidents. “Rubbernecking” is one example that comes to mind, as all drivers on the highway stop and stare at an accident while driving past it. While this not only makes traffic worse, it is very dangerous, as drivers take their eyes off the road for far too long. It’s not uncommon for an accident to occur simply because drivers were diverting their attention to look at another accident.

Other external distractions include billboards, cell phones, music, as well as beautiful scenery that catches our attention. Although you may just be admiring a mountain range of the sunset, you are putting yourself at danger by not completely focusing on the road.

Internal Distractions

Internal distractions may be harder to identify, but the thoughts in your head can have a significant impact on your driving. For example, if you had a fight with your partner or are focusing on a mistake you made on the job, you may find that you aren’t paying as much attention as you should to the road. Overthinking can lead to a decrease in decision-making time, and result in an otherwise preventable accident. Take the time to do whatever you can to clear your mind and relax, and tell yourself to remain focused on driving.

New Drivers Distract Themselves

With any new job, it’s normal to worry about whether or not you’re doing a good job, and if your boss will notice if you make a mistake. However, Fleet Managers know that all new drivers will make mistakes, as this is not an easy career. If you find yourself worrying about every wrong turn or showing up a few minutes late to the customer, know that all rookie drivers are in the same position. Instead of driving yourself crazy with these thoughts, take a deep breath and know that all professional drivers have been in your shoes once, and they aren’t expecting you to be perfect. After all, focusing on these thoughts while driving will only increase your chance of a future accident. Learn from your mistakes and move on, and focus on the task at hand.

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