4 Safety Tips For Summer Truck Driving

Check out these four safety tips for summer truck driving.

Check out these four safety tips for summer truck driving.

Summer is almost here, which means truck drivers are preparing for another season of new issues to be aware of. Summer months come with extreme sunlight, more cars on the road than any other season, and intense heat that can have effects on drivers’ health and their trucks. Continue reading for a few essential safety tips for summer truck driving.

Protection From Sun

While many people are excited to soak up the sun on warm summer days, sunlight can be extremely dangerous while driving. Strong rays can cause you to squint or blind you from vehicles right in front of you, resulting in a higher risk of accidents. Keep a pair of good-quality sunglasses in your cab at all times to keep your eyes shielded from the sun. Also, just because you are in your truck doesn’t mean that your skin is protected from sun rays! Be sure to wear sunscreen (especially on your face) even when you are driving all day, and cover with a hat and long sleeve shirt to avoid sunburn.


It can be easy to forget to drink enough water when you’re sitting in the same position all day, but dehydration in the summer can be dangerous for your health. Keep the air conditioning on to stay cool, and have a large bottle of water nearby at all time to drink throughout the day. While it may mean more rest stops, it’s healthy to aim to drink about eight glass of water a day.


More people are on the road during the summer, as families take off for vacation or for a fun beach day. On holidays, such as the upcoming Memorial Day weekend, traffic is even more intense, as millions of Americans all hit the road to travel to friends and families houses. With more people on the road, truckers must be on high alert and be aware of what’s happening at all times.


Tire blowouts happen in extreme heat, so it’s crucial for truckers to ensure their tires are inflated before hitting the road each day. Under-inflated tires are at risk of having a blowout, so be sure to take the time to check that each tire is properly inflated.

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