Pros and Cons Of Team Driving And Solo Driving


Learn about the pros and cons of team driving and solo driving.

If you are just starting your trucking career, you may be curious about the differences between solo driving and team driving. To make your decision of which is best for you, let’s take a look at the pros and cons of each!

Team Driving: Pros

If you choose team driving, you’ll get to take someone else on long hauls to share your time and travel with. This is a pro for many drivers, as the road can be very lonely when you spend so much time alone. It can be very beneficial to have a companion to share your time with and have someone to talk to. Many truckers actually choose to take their spouse along on the road, as this helps to avoid spending too much time apart. If you have a friend who is also a trucker, you may be able to choose them as your driving partner.

Team drivers can also make more money, as you’ll be able to keep your truck running for twice as long as solo drivers. Most team drivers will switch off when they have completed their hours for the day, and the other with continue driving their miles. While your earning are split in half as a team, you have the chance to earn more money overall.

Team Driving: Cons

There are also cons with team driving, as you may not get along with your partner. It’s difficult to spend many hours in a small space with anyone, so it’s likely that you will have the occasional disagreement. However, looking on the bright side, this can help your conflict resolution skills to learn how to communicate openly and work through issues.

Solo Driving: Pros

For those who don’t see the appeal of driving with a person in the passenger seat, the pros of solo driving include having the truck to yourself and working on your own schedule. Truckers have very independent jobs, as they determine their hours, when they take breaks, and where they stop. As long as you deliver your freight in a safe and timely manner, you can manage your schedule however you see fit!

Solo Driving: Cons

The cons of solo driving are the opposite of the benefits of team driving: decreased earning potential and isolation. Solo truckers can still make a great living, but your earning potential may not be as high as it would be as a team driver. As a solo driver, you must stop after a certain number of hours, so you likely won’t get as many miles as a team.

Isolation can also be a con of solo driving, as even those who prefer to be alone most of the time can get lonely! If you are someone who gets bored often and prefers talking to others rather than spending time alone, a solo driving career may be too not be the right choice.

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