Pros and Cons Of Team Truck Driving

If you prefer to have some company on the road, team truck driving may be a good option for you!

Team driving is when two truckers partner up to drive one truck. While not the most common, some trucking companies allow team driving as it allows for long-haul shipments to be made faster. Two drivers take turns driving according to a schedule, while this can have its advantages, it has plenty of disadvantages as well. 

Banter & Bickering

One of the most obvious pros and cons to team truck driving is the ability to have company. There will be times when having a partner to chat with can help ward off the boredom of being on the road. Team driving can also make difficult driving easier, having a partner available to help with any troubleshooting can be a huge advantage. At the same time, when tension strikes there is no escape. If you and your partner have any personality or habits that clash you will quickly find that the arrangement is less than optimal. It’s not possible for team drivers to go without a clash on occasion, but with the right partner, these disputes should dissipate quickly.  

Money vs. More Stops

With a two-person team, you have the ability to decrease your time as you can switch off driving while one person sleeps. Because this dramatically lowers the time per shipment you may be able to receive better pay and will be able to take more jobs. Team drivers can average up to 5000 miles a week, making it even more enticing. However, with two people you will have to make twice as many stops, this means that the strict schedule you’ll have worked out ahead of time might need to be compromised.

Competition For Control

One of the most significant problems that team drivers face is the fight for control. While it might be expected that whoever is driving would be in control, this can still lead to conflict. The best way to prevent tension is to explicitly state who will be in control before you begin your trip together

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