3 Questions Answered About Dropped Trailer Service

3 Questions Answered About Dropped Trailer Service

Here’s the low-down on dropped trailer service.

Like several other lines of work, the trucking industry is full of jargon. We already know about the importance of trucking in the United States, so it makes sense to inform the average person on trucking terminology that may be useful to them and, more importantly, their business. Truckers know what a dropped trailer is, and trucking companies might be trying to sell their dropped trailer services to a shipper. What does that mean for you? Here are three questions we’ve answered about dropped trailers to tell you what you need to know.

What is a Dropped Trailer?

A trailer left at a location for a set amount of time is “dropped.” A dropped trailer is then picked up at a later time, sometimes in a week or even a day, after being filled. A trailer can be dropped and filled multiple times on a trip. 

How Does Dropped Trailer Service Affect Logistics?

Using a well-organized dropped trailer service helps to run a more efficient supply chain operation. This service has implications on the trucking company fulfilling the delivery and for whom the businesses the trucking company delivers.

Having dropped trailers means carriers can coordinate drop-offs and pick-ups in a specific time frame. That way, drivers can spend more time delivering to their destination instead of waiting on a load. While time needs to be set aside for more pre-trip and post-trip inspections, a well-handled operation means shipments have better chances of on-time delivery.

Shippers, or the party the trucking company delivers for, can avoid paying overtime to staff who need to fulfill a shipment when a trailer is early or late. This service is ideal for those sending out time-consuming loads since there is more flexibility in scheduling when the trailer will be picked up.

How Do Businesses Know If They Need Dropped Trailer Services?

Some businesses can benefit from using this service. Depending on the business type and goals, a dropped trailer service can get the goods and products delivered more efficiently. We suggest reviewing the operations and deciding if the volume of products you can move needs this level of productivity. Will businesses be able to fill enough at each drop to make this service necessary? If they have more than enough freight to move, dropped trailers can help alleviate congestion at loading docks. Another aspect to consider is the extra communication and collaboration needed between the business and truck carrier. Working with a professional truck carrier ensures their services will make the business operations smoother and not delayed.

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