Make Your Trucking Sleeper Cab Feel Like Home

Make Your Trucking Sleeper Cab Feel Like Home

Add some comforts of home to your sleeper cab.

A truck sleeper, or sleeper cab, is designed for truck drivers to rest or sleep in the cabin. Truckers, especially those trucking long hauls, spend a lot of their time in their truck cabin, sometimes more than they are at home. Making the sleeper cab feel more like home and adding small comforts go a long way toward keeping drivers feel better on the road. Keep reading to find different ways you can make a sleeper cab feel like home while you’re on the road trucking.

Decorate the Sleeper Cab

Personalizing your cab is the best way to make it feel more like home. When you’re in your sleeper cab for extended periods, enhancing the appearance can help boost your mood. The best space-saving way to decorate is by hanging up posters and pictures. You can also get steering wheel covers, small rugs, or armrest covers for more personalization and practical comfort. 

Get a Quality Mattress

Outfitting your cab with a quality mattress is critical to getting you better sleep. If the cab manufacturer’s included mattress isn’t cutting it, add a comfy memory foam mattress topper. Change out the mattress based upon your sleeping preferences to get enough support and to stay cool. Finish your bedding set up with a fluffy pillow and cozy comforter.

Use a Driver Seat Cover

If you can’t replace your seat with an ergonomic driver’s seat, there are plenty of driver seat covers to choose. Seat covers can come with heating capabilities or built-in massagers to use after a long day of trucking. Make sure the seat covers provide enough support for those long periods of sitting.

Add Entertainment

During your downtime, proper relaxation for you might mean having some entertainment. While we encourage you to get some exercise to stay fit on the road, sometimes you just need to put on a movie or play some video games. Bring small devices like a TV, a laptop, or a gaming console to get the same entertainment you would have at home.

Bring Small Kitchen Appliances

You may not always find a home-cooked or healthy meal while trucking, but you can make do with some small kitchen appliances in your sleeper cab. Store fresh or frozen foods in a mini-fridge, heat quick meals in a microwave or on a hot plate, and brew coffee with a small coffee maker. These convenient additions to your sleeper cab can make your life trucking more comfortable.

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