Celebrating National Car Care Month with Preventative Truck Maintenance

preventative truck maintenance

Check these items off your list with preventative truck maintenance.

April is National Car Care Month, and we wanted to offer our two cents in celebration. Freight trucks are pretty much cars, right? While it’s normally an afterthought, preventative truck maintenance can actually save you thousands of dollars. It can even save you hundreds of thousands of dollars if you have a large fleet. With preventative maintenance, you reduce the need for costly repairs and equipment. Let’s jump right in and take a look at the ins and outs of preventative truck maintenance and how it can help you.

Saving Money with Preventative Truck Maintenance

As we just mentioned, preventative truck maintenance can actually save you a lot of money. Every time your truck is off the road, it can cost you big time. Not only do you have to pay for it to be repaired, but also the truck is just sitting on the sidelines and not able to generate income. The vehicle parts and repair equipment alone can set you back a ton of money without even factoring in the repair costs. If your truck has issues but is still functional, you still have to worry about potentially paying safety-regulation violation fees. With preventative truck maintenance, however, a lot of these issues become easily avoided. You cut down on the need for repairs, which means your truck is on the road and earning you money.

Creating Safety with Preventative Truck Maintenance

Aside from saving money, preventative truck maintenance also makes sure that your drivers are as safe as they possibly can be. With vehicles as large as a truck, any malfunctioning parts can put a lot of motorists at jeopardy. So not only are you looking after your driver’s best interests when you perform preventative truck maintenance, you are also making the roads and highways of America a safer place for everyone.

Preventative Truck Maintenance Steps

You already know how important preventative truck maintenance is, but what exactly are the steps you can take to help extend the life and safety of your fleet? For starters, you always want to check the air filter on a monthly basis. You also want to check the brake fluid on a monthly basis as well. Outside of that, routinely check your tire pressure, inspect your wiper blades, test your signal lights, regularly inspect the fan, belts, and hoses, and spend time inspecting the carburetor and distributor.

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