Defensive Driving Techniques


Defensive driving techniques can help you avoid a collision.

If you’ve been driving for a long time, you probably know that driving is risky business. Not everyone drives well! It’s important for responsible drivers to develop a set of skills to defend themselves against possible collisions due to bad drivers, drunk drivers, or dangerous weather conditions. You can’t control the actions of other drivers, but you can prepare yourself for the worst case scenarios. Here are a few tips for practicing defensive driving techniques.

Don’t Depend on Other Drivers

Look out for yourself when you’re on the road. Never assume what another driver is going to do, and always anticipate worst case scenarios. If you’re changing lanes, merging or turning, give yourself ample space to avoid trouble with other drivers who may not be paying attention.

Be Attentive and Aware

Frequently check your mirrors for the conditions around you. Your eyes should always be moving when you’re road. If you spot someone driving aggressively, slow down or pull over to avoid them. Always keep a lookout for pedestrians, cyclists, pets or other road debris that could create a problem.

Prepare an Escape Plan

Defensive driving involves always paying attention to your car’s positioning. The best way you can avoid potential dangers is to position yourself such that you have adequate time and space to brake or maneuver out of sticky situations. Always have an alternative path of travel in case another driver does something you weren’t expecting.

The 3-4 Second Rule

The greatest chance of a vehicle collisions is right in front of you. Watch as the vehicle in front of you passes an object and count the time it takes for you to reach the object. If it took less than 3-4 seconds, then you’re following too close. Maintaining a safe following distance will give you adequate time to react to sudden stops. If weather conditions are bad, even more space is necessary to avoid collisions.

Be Patient

Is it really worth trying to save a few minutes when it could cost you your life? It’s your responsibility to ensure that your driving speed matches the conditions of the road. Higher speeds make controlling your vehicle more difficult in an emergency situation.

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