Pokémon Go: Trucker’s Delight or Road Hazard?

Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go is the hot new thing, and truckers might have the advantage when it comes time to play.

Unless you’re living under a proverbial rock you’ve probably heard something about the recent “Pokémon Go” phenomenon that has just about everyone obsessed. And if not you’re probably saying to yourself, “Poka what?” Don’t worry. We’ll fill you in on what Pokémon Go means for truckers and hopefully dispel some of the confusion.

What is Pokémon Go?

Pokémon is a franchise Nintendo launched in the 90’s that features trainers who travel the world to catch mythical creatures called Pokémon. Pokémon can be just about anything—an electric mouse or a fire breathing dragon. As the franchise’s slogan suggests, the goal of the games is to “catch ‘em all.” And recently Pokémon Go, a free application for Android and iOS devices, has hit digital shelves. Unlike traditional Pokémon games, however, Pokémon Go employs augmented reality to make Pokémon appear as though they are in the real world. It also uses your phone’s GPS and clock to determine when and where Pokémon will appear.

Truckers Have the Advantage

Just about anyone can play and enjoy Pokémon Go. You don’t need to know how to navigate menus, master video game mechanics, or even learn the story. If you can take a photo with your camera, you’re ready to play Pokémon Go. But Truckers, surprisingly, have a key advantage over average players. Because truckers are always on the move their ability to find a wide variety of Pokémon is substantially increased. Truckers can get to Pokémon that other players would not normally be able to find. In addition, the game’s developers plan to add trading to the game, which could make Truckers the hot commodity in the Pokémon Go ecosystem.

Potential Road Hazard?

Pokémon Go has roused a few questions about road safety. Although the game doesn’t work if you’re traveling greater than 20 miles per hours, that hasn’t stopped players from finagling with their phones when they shouldn’t be. The National Safety Council issued a warning this past Tuesday cautioning pedestrians and drivers about the game. Whether you’re a Pokémon enthusiast or not, it’s more important than ever to exercise precaution and defensive driving techniques. And if you must catch that critter, flash your emergency lights and pull over!

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