The Growing Appeal of Trucking Simulators

trucking simulator

Trucking simulators are a cool new way for people to experience what it’s like to be a trucker.

One unusual trend in the video game industry is the rise of trucking simulators such as American Truck Simulator and Euro Truck simulator. These games put players right in the driver’s seat and enable them to experience the thrilling life of a trucker as they journey across breathtaking landscapes. And we’re not kidding—these games are seriously popular right now. American Truck Simulator, released this past February, has already accumulated 9,500 reviews on the digital distribution platform Steam, 92% of which were positive. So why are trucking simulators so trendy? We’ve set out to find out.

Absolute Zen

Many people find trucking simulators to be incredibly relaxing. They have just enough going on to not be boring, but also don’t come with any of the  adrenaline inducing gun or sword showdowns you might find in other games. Truck simulators offer challenge and reward with very little stress. Furthermore, truck simulators strike a good balance between planning and driving. You aren’t just driving for hours on end, but also managing your trucking business and customizing the look of your truck.

Sense of Adventure

One appeal for trucking simulators is the ability to see some iconic landscapes and areas. American and Euro Truck simulator use real routes and recreate real regions for players to journey through. Widely recognized landmarks such as the Golden Gate Bridge or the London Gherkin are finally accessible to someone living in Wisconsin. The fidelity and depth of the simulation is something that attracts hardcore players.

Building a Niche

Although trucking simulators are not quite like other games, they do attract a growing niche audience. Euro Truck Simulator 2 hit the number one best selling spot on Steam after just its first week of sales. The developer, SCS Software, says that trucking simulators has two distinct groups of players, kids aged 8-12 who have not yet delved into other core genres and the older 35+ crowd of passionate adults who may have emotional ties to the trucking industry. Either way, it’s clear that trucking has a great deal of appeal for gamers.

For All Your Trucking Needs

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