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Electric drivetrains could transform the trucking industry.

Last week in our discussion of the future of the trucking industry we explored the idea behind driverless trucks. But that’s not all that’s hot right now in the automobile world. All-electric vehicles are quickly becoming the talk of the town, and trucks are no exception. Although the trucking industry is notorious for being slow to change, trucking’s high mileage routes make it the perfect test-bed for emerging technologies such as an all electric drivetrain.

Electric Trucks Will Save Money

We all know that alternative fuels like electricity are in the interest of supporting the environment. However, electric trucks will offer a number of other benefits, namely in fuel costs. A family car only burns around 600 gallons of fuel a year. Electric cars see only meager gains in fuel savings when all is said and done. A garbage truck, on the other hand, burns as much as 14,000 gallons a year. Trucks could see potentially huge savings in fuel costs and maintenance by going all electric. Delivery trucks that brake frequently can also generate more power for the vehicle’s battery through a regenerative braking system.

In The News

Nikola Motor Company announced earlier this month that it is developing a Class 8 electric truck that will feature a natural gas engine to mitigate range limitations. The Nikola 1, as it’s called, is said to have a 100 percent electric 6×6 drivetrain that will cut fuel costs in half. The drivetrain can churn out a monstrous 2,000 horsepower, 3700 foot pounds of torque, and 1,200 mile range with 1,000 miles being fuel-free. The Nikola 1 has the potential to be an industry game changer, and really showcases how fast technology is moving in the trucking world today.

Trucking Transformed

It’s unlikely that we will all be driving electric trucks off into the sunset tomorrow. The trucking industry remains brutal and any new technology must be proven before we can trucking fleets will embrace it outright. Still, the prospects for all electric trucks are there and with exciting innovations like the Nikola 1 it won’t be long before the industry undergoes a significant transformation.

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